Educator by day. External processor turned writer by night.

An advocate of the Feminine Voice.  

Chronically Curious. Honest to a fault. Mamma-Bear protective.  People-centric.

 Lover of corners, rivers, thrifting and Mexican Food.

{So who am I?}

I write in bathtubs.

I dream of Persian culture, the land of poetry.

I love thrift stores.

I’m wife to Judge (yes that’s his legal name) and mom to Kellan Randall


I write about images that haunt me or people that I don’t understand.

David, as in King David in the Bible, made me fall  in love with poetry as a very young girl while reading his recorded diary of the Psalms.

I echo Joyce Carol Oates, “At times my head seems crowded; there is a kind of pressure inside it, almost a frightening physical sense of confusion  fullness, dizziness. When the story is more or less coherent and has emerged from the underground, then I can begin to write quite quickly… I wasn’t creating a story but simply recording it, remembering it. This is true for all of my writing; I have never “made up” a story while sitting at the typewriter. ( The New Fiction, 22)”

{The degrees}  I completed my Masters of Language & Literacy Education with an emphasis in ESL so I can teach writing internationally. I am now working on my Specialist in Educational leadership and policy.

{Hopes}   Eventually, I want to teach people how to release that built up tension in their spirit through the written word. 

I want to show people how tenderly the Gentle Shepherd speaks to us and sometimes writes with us.

But first, we got to pay off these pesky student loans.

Welcome to me and God’s story.


7 thoughts on “Author

  1. “I want to show people how tenderly the Gentle Shepherd speaks to us and sometimes even writes with us.”

    Beautiful. 🙂 Much love to you.

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