Qualities I value in my MAN….

1.) He trusts my intelligence, my voice, my power and my opinions
2.) I can yell back at him and my counter-opinion doesn’t make him feel weak.
3.) He loves my curves and my height
4.) He reads the books I love and he reads the stories and poems I write and gives me honest critiques and encouragement
5.) He has never once mentioned the weight I gained during my pregnancy and never once has given me any inclination I need to lose the weight at all.
6.) He has a heart for equity and justice
7.) He thinks about utility and functionality so I can focus on people, aesthetics, and beauty.
8.) He loses his keys and wallet as much as I do so he can’t judge me for the stress we experience every morning going to work
9.) He shouldered two thirds of the childcare this year and never once took that as an assault on his manhood.
10.) He can shop and really truly picks out things I love
11.) He is detailed oriented when I see only in a macro-lens and interpersonal connections.
12.) He cooks and grills for our family and never once insinuated my place is in the kitchen
13.) He is long-term thinking when I only think in the short-term.
14.) He actively adjust when I tell him how I feel. He has never been a mind-reader, but when I speak up when I am hurt he listens. The other day I told him I felt he was “mom-guilting” me and the next day he was sure to be gentle, kind and thoughtful about the same issue.
15.) He finished a masters degree in Financial planning since we’ve been married and humbly worked jobs like delivering bread and laying concrete to help pay the bills.
16.) He rarely get angry but when he does, it’s DRAMATIC and I usually think, “Well, he has a point…”
17.) He is super protective of Kellan and my safety and always locks the door at night!
18.) I truly think he is one of the most intelligent people I know and he reads endless books but never logs onto social media.
19.) He is introverted but lets me extrovert hard on the daily.
20.) He is a morning person and I am a night person, so we get a lot of alone time in the same house

Quaison Payne gave me the best advice in how to find a man, “Never date a man, Katie, who is intimidated when you wear heels. Find a man who is secure when you are taller than him.”

What wisdom that was… To all the strongmen out their who aren’t intimidated by ladies of strength. Thank you.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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