Goodbye, Dennis Drive

For three years, I have lived in this 1,200 square foot condo. For each human and dog, that was less than 240 feet per family member. During that time, a wrap around porch saved my sanity.

FullSizeRender (1)

Pros of our condo: We walked to eat and to the grocery store. My commute was less than 5 minutes long.

I learned how to save money, grocery-shop, deep clean (often and much in the summer and not-so-much during the school year), vacuum millions of dog hairs, take hundreds of baths, throw out about half of our belongings and watched as much Netflix, Hulu and Kardasians as possible.


Home babby

Cons : I stayed in our large master bedroom under a set of two large windows and basked in the light under my covers. That window kept me level. Judge mostly inhabited downstair. I never left the upstairs. We existed in separate worlds. I was only ever in the bath or in my bed.

We hit some roadblocks in our marriage. We snipped at one another about our bad habits. I told Judge daily to pick up his clothes from the side of the bed, and he grew irritated at me for not doing the dishes regularly.

Judge absolutely hated my tornado-throwing out sprees, in which, more than once, I threw out something precious from his childhood. In my nesting mode before the baby’s arrival, I was cleaning out what once was his closet, and disposed of a card he had saved in a pocket knife case he had saved for 20 years. The anger that boiled over at me in a silent-rage was something new to our relationship. Somehow, when the baby was on the way Judge lost every inch of his home.




Despite all of this, Judge was a trooper. He’d make the bed when I was having a close-to-panic-attack when the house would get dirty or when I wondered how in the world we’d fit a child into our lives. He’d fluff the pillows even though he wished we had 20 fewer pillows. He’d do the laundry and make fun of me for the basket’s I’d buy in my attempt to organize our life.



The tiny-house movement is wack. I can’t imagine living in a shed after this.
Yes, I’m not thankful for the simplicity that I learned and the ability to manage my existence. I learned when I felt I was busting and needed to move, that it really is just because I needed to deep-clean. I learned to donate all clothes to Goodwill that don’t fit, because you can feel confident 30-pounds-heavier post-baby as long as you have a few clothes you love and clothes that fit.

I also learned that paying a cleaning lady 70 dollars a month to clean your house is the best damn money you can spend.

Fall hood

When I look back, I see such milestones we passed together. I am proud of us.

I am proud of me for providing so Judge could study his passion for 3 years. He has gained so much confidence during this time.

I am proud of myself for growing in crazy ways in my profession, for learning what adulthood looks like and the “real world.”

I am proud of myself for not being so materialistic and for learning joys apart from consumerism.

I am proud of myself for learning patience, and for knowing the value of waiting and for saving for another day.

When my home was clean and tidy, I did love the simplicity of our home. It was filled with firsts and filled with the feeling of safety from a job that often left me depleted and emotionally exhausted. We celebrated three Christmases there and decorated 3 trees. Strangely enough, each year I put the tree in a new spot.

Most significantly, we made a child. We brought a baby home here.


The pull out red couch will always evoke very magical memories and thoughts of all our hose-guests through these 3 years (mostly James, Kristen and my mom)

baby denbridgettedog

Someone at my church the other day said, “You always Instagram pictures of Kellan in a bed. You would think he is always in a bed.”

With the carpet being full of dog hair he could ingest, Kellan is always in a bed or a bathtub. This big window in my master made bed-times enjoyable.



My expansion into the sunporch in the summer of 2017 is laughable now. Yes, it was beautiful and sounded good in theory but a possum scared the shit out of me and usually the mosquitos ate us alive.


Cannot wait to set up that fountain in our new backyard.


I did get to use the fountain some in the fall when most of the mosquitos had died.porch




Snowsnow part 2

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