Teaching Year 5

It’s been one month back to teaching, and I’m always “shook” by this profession and how it stretches you to your limit, never bores you, keeps you endlessly behind and brings you to life. Everyday is a caffeine fueled marathon.

I love to be on stage. I love making friends. I’m in an extrovert paradise!!

I love teenagers. I love their hunger to learn, their authenticity, their humor, their passion, their friendship and their positivity.

I teach 129 students this year and it’s honestly an honor, privilege and JOY to teach atleast 120 of those students 🤣.

My days fly by, I do 100 things and have 1000 conversations but I honestly believe I’m preparing them for their futures  and that one day they’ll say, “O yeah, I learned that in Mrs Johnson’s class…” or even better “Mrs Johnson cared about me. She saw me. She knew me.”

Every year you teach, you get exponentially better at teaching and I laugh thinking back to 2014 when I thought I had a clue but I had no clue.

That’s what I love about my job, the ability to perfect your craft, try again, try new things and spark a fire of curiosity.

Today I heard for the first time, “That’s the first book I ever read on my own. I read the whole thing in a weekend!”

That’s what I live for.  I just want to help students fall in love with reading and writing of all kinds.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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