People  ask me if I don’t feel “called to travel the nations” anymore because I teach Title I. Clearly, they don’t know who I teach or how cool my job can be. I’m in the greatest training/ battle field.

I have first generation immigrants from Nigeria, Ethiopia, El Salvador and Mexico. If you want to teach in a truly diverse setting, Cedar Shoals is a dream. Diversity of nationality, race, income, reading level and language confront you every day. In this class, a daughter of a UGA professor sits next to a son of a Honduran immigrant who came to Georgia over Christmas break. Sometimes, in the quiet moments, when I have a moment to breathe (thanks to our 1:1 laptops in Clarke Co) I take a deep breath and realize Cedar Shoals is my American Dream. A snapshot of Cedar Shoals students, when they are focused and loving each other like today, is a snapshot of heaven.

Why do UGA professors send their children to Cedar Shoals? They know the lessons they can learn from each other far outweigh the lessons they can learn from books. #Diversity #Unity #America #CedarShoals #Title1 #PublicSchool #Chromebooks #ELA #AdvanceLiterature

One thought on “Cedar

  1. Wise words. Ed and I were talking the other day about Mission work in the states all around. Ed did a lot of coaching in the Inner City , what a great experience for our kids to learn. You are doing a great work. Beth

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