Boquets of Thankfulness

1.) I am thankful for the few and far between French words that have pervaded the English language, like boquet.

2.) I am thankful for Anna Myers mugs.

3.) I am thankful for women.

4.) I am thankful all these women are studying for the CFA

5.) I am thankful for large blue powerade from Subway.

6.) I am thankful for CJ who sometimes takes our dogs, but I am sad when they are away.

7.) I am thankful for a husband who can whip up a dinner when Kristen offers to order Chinese food.

8.) I am thankful I always get my way with my husband.

9.) I am thankful that Jessica physically moves to impersonate people in her stories.

10.) I am thankful for scissors that cut off tags on pillows.

11.) I am thankful for cardigans I plan to steal from my sister.

12.) I am thankful that in this house the washer machine sounds like its pouring rain outside

13.) I am thankful for the little blue birdie with a bad attitude who is nesting outside our kitchen window

14.) I am thankful that on this Sunday evening I am not stressed about school in the morning.

15.) I am thankful that my little sister, Kristen, can visit me 15 minutes after I tweet her.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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