Bridal Portraits on the Farm

Lindsay offered to do my Bridal Portraits for free, or else I would have never discovered how wonderful the experience is and can be. I would recommend it to ALL brides.

You see, we took our formal wedding photos right before our wedding, and though no one else can tell, I am sure, I look nervous and awkward. I can tell I wasn’t really focusing on being natural and comfortable in front of the camera. I was thinking of the ceremony that was about to occur and all the people I loved streaming into Athens. Taking pictures was by far the most stress-inducing part of my wedding.

I treasure the fact we took my bridal portraits on my Grandfather’s farm in Elberton over a month before my wedding. The leaves were just beginning to change. I love that my hair is natural and I am bare-foot. I can tell how much more at peace and comfortable I am in my own skin while being at one my most precious homesteads.

Also, it feels very odd and surreal and uncomfortable the first time you wear a wedding dress. It feels like nothing you have ever worn before. The veil was confusing and I decided during that shoot I just didn’t feel enough like myself in my head-piece. I also learned I wanted to go barefoot for the ceremony. If I had worn that dress for the first time on the big day, I wouldn’t have known how to wear it right. I am glad I got to practice.

Take a look:

KatieBridals.LettersandLight.90 (1) KatieBridals.LettersandLight.84 (2)                   KatieBridals.LettersandLight.3

KatieBridals.LettersandLight.21 (2) KatieBridals.LettersandLight.27 KatieBridals.LettersandLight.22 KatieBridals.LettersandLight.20 KatieBridals.LettersandLight.17

KatieBridals.LettersandLight.52 KatieBridals.LettersandLight.51  KatieBridals.LettersandLight.48 KatieBridals.LettersandLight.46

KatieBridals.LettersandLight.38 (1) KatieBridals.LettersandLight.37 KatieBridals.LettersandLight.35 KatieBridals.LettersandLight.32

KatieBridals.LettersandLight.78 KatieBridals.LettersandLight.77

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