Despite all the challenges of working with the State Botanical Gardens for my reception, I seriously still look at these pictures with my mouth open. I’ll never forget my heart leaping when I walked into the conservatory and saw all my favorite things come together in the most heavenly scene. It was the most beautiful 5 hours of my life.

Leah Vickeroy. Lee Garner. Tina Hensley. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Katie+Judge.Reception3 Katie+Judge.Reception4

I am very proud to say that I put together those center pieces together at Hobby Lobby 3 months before my wedding. Lee Garner added the hanging maroon and greenery, but for the most part those center pieces will live on until Judge and I renew our vows. Why pay thousands of dollars for flowers that will die that week?


Christina Hensley made all the place-settings and seating chart. Much to my mother’s judgement, I rented those chairs from Oconee Events because I refused to have metal chairs at my reception. Looking at the pictures now, it was worth the price. I love the natural look.

Melanie Walters and Chrystal Keating folded those napkins the night before our wedding. The gold chargers I bought 50% off at Michaels. I also bought the gold-pine cones at Hobby Lobby.

Katie+Judge.Reception6 Katie+Judge.Reception7


Pay good money for live-music at your reception. Luckily, our dear friend and Judge’s old roommate, Michael, agreed to bring his whole talented blue-grass band to our reception for about 600 dollars. Look up Grassland String Band. They set the ambiance at our reception and Michael has the same heart for hospitality that I do. I was so blessed.

Katie+Judge.Reception10 Katie+Judge.Reception11 Katie+Judge.Reception12 Katie+Judge.Reception13 Katie+Judge.Reception16 Katie+Judge.Reception17 Katie+Judge.Reception18 Katie+Judge.Reception20 Katie+Judge.Reception21 Katie+Judge.Reception23 Katie+Judge.Reception31 Katie+Judge.Reception32 Katie+Judge.Reception33 Katie+Judge.Reception35 Katie+Judge.Reception37 Katie+Judge.Reception39 Katie+Judge.Reception40 Katie+Judge.Reception41 Katie+Judge.Reception43 Katie+Judge.Reception45 Katie+Judge.Reception50

 Two words: Tina Hensley. Your hand-writing was a God send. Tina literally made my wedding program the morning of my wedding. Yep.Katie+Judge.Reception51

Katie+Judge.Reception52 Katie+Judge.Reception53 Katie+Judge.Reception54 Katie+Judge.Reception56 Katie+Judge.Reception57 Katie+Judge.Reception58 Katie+Judge.Reception59 Katie+Judge.Reception62 Katie+Judge.Reception63 Katie+Judge.Reception65 Katie+Judge.Reception67 Katie+Judge.Reception68 Katie+Judge.Reception69 Katie+Judge.Reception70 Katie+Judge.Reception72 Katie+Judge.Reception75 Katie+Judge.Reception76 Katie+Judge.Reception77 Katie+Judge.Reception80 Katie+Judge.Reception81 Katie+Judge.Reception83 Katie+Judge.Reception84 Katie+Judge.Reception85 Katie+Judge.Reception86 Katie+Judge.Reception87 Katie+Judge.Reception88 Katie+Judge.Reception89 Katie+Judge.Reception90 Katie+Judge.Reception91 Katie+Judge.Reception92 Katie+Judge.Reception93 Katie+Judge.Reception94 Katie+Judge.Reception95 Katie+Judge.Reception96 Katie+Judge.Reception97 Katie+Judge.Reception98 Katie+Judge.Reception99 Katie+Judge.Reception100 Katie+Judge.Reception101 Katie+Judge.Reception102 Katie+Judge.Reception103 Katie+Judge.Reception104 Katie+Judge.Reception105 Katie+Judge.Reception106 Katie+Judge.Reception108 Katie+Judge.Reception109 Katie+Judge.Reception110 Katie+Judge.Reception112 Katie+Judge.Reception113 Katie+Judge.Reception116 Katie+Judge.Reception117 Katie+Judge.Reception118 Katie+Judge.Reception120 Katie+Judge.Reception121 Katie+Judge.Reception122 Katie+Judge.Reception123 Katie+Judge.Reception125 Katie+Judge.Reception126 Katie+Judge.Reception127 Katie+Judge.Reception130 Katie+Judge.Reception131 Katie+Judge.Reception132 Katie+Judge.Reception133 Katie+Judge.Reception134 Katie+Judge.Reception135 Katie+Judge.Reception136 Katie+Judge.Reception137 Katie+Judge.Reception138 Katie+Judge.Reception139 Katie+Judge.Reception140 Katie+Judge.Reception141 Katie+Judge.Reception142 Katie+Judge.Reception143 Katie+Judge.Reception145 Katie+Judge.Reception147 Katie+Judge.Reception148 Katie+Judge.Reception149 Katie+Judge.Reception150 Katie+Judge.Reception155 Katie+Judge.Reception156

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