Chicken Nugget Dreams

chicken nugget

One of my beautiful female students took it upon herself to write a sonnet last night after we read and studied some poem of Shakespeare and Petrarch. When she asked me to write her Sonnet on the board, a boy, who likes her said,
A: “You mean, you actually like… do school at home?”
Me: “Well, one day when J has herself a college degree, you can serve her some Mcdonalds.”
A: Ms. Baker, when you and J come to Mcdonalds, I am not given you no honey mustard. You can eat your chicken nuggets dry and crusty
J: A, we can buy as many gallons of honey-mustard as we want with our college degrees one day. We won’t be depending on you.

Did I mention my freshmen wrote a Shakespearian Sonnet in Iambic Pentameter? Yep, after that the boy came to after school to work on his iambic pentameter skills. I love when the ladies rise above.

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