London Bridges Falling Down


Last night, ended in me being nursed back to health by 3 Italian men, Lauren & Jenny after I pseudo fainted near the Trevi Fountain. Lesson learned: Never walk over 15 miles in the sun after giving up bread & sugar for Lent and only drinking diet coke, espresso and wine. Apparently, I was going into a low blood seizure as my symptoms were increased nervousness, heartbeat, tingling skin, dizziness, rapidly changing body temperatures and upset stomach. Thank goodness those Italian waiters at the pizzeria could detect my issue by just watching me. “Papa Noel” looked at me and told me, “You must drink sugar.” At first I protested and he explained to me what was happening and threw sugar packets in my water. The apple he gave me tasted like Heaven. Travel Angels are real:) Lauren and Jenny did a great job getting me back together at the apartment. I do, indeed, have limits and I hit them hard last night.


As my temperature fluctuated between blazing hot & cold, I ended up buying a Italia Hoodie on the street for 15 Euros which I will proudly wear forever as my “I survived a hypoglycemic shock in Rome” trophy.


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