A walk from Keble College to Port Meadow

I had some time to kill between dinner & tavern… and thus, I walked to the meadow and enjoyed some reading.

Life is tough, man. When will I catch a break?

I thought I’d take you, my readers, on my scenic walk.


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset IMG_0828

If you were to leave Keble College through the Porter’s Lodge, the first thing you would see as you climb out the small door would be the Pitt River’s Museum directly in front of you.IMG_0830


After taking a right on Parks Road, you would then take a right onto The Lamb & Flag Passage which would take you first to the Lamb & Flag tavern and second across St. Giles so that you could eventually be on your way to City CenterIMG_0835

The Bikers on The Lamb & Flag PassageIMG_0837


Almost to the Lamb & Flags! Pints for all IMG_0843


The infamous bird & bastard.. Lewis et all yada yada yada:)IMG_0844 IMG_0846

After you cross St. Giles, you can look back at the Lamb & Flag IMG_0849

To your right, you can peek down Beaumont Street at the Ashmolean Museum. Don’t take a right. Just keep going straight.IMG_0852

Soon you will be at the crowded, eccentric, consumeristic, teenage wonderland of Cornmarket Street. Usually I would cut to the High Street via Turl, but tonight as I  journeyed behind Christ Church I cut through this wasteland for speed.  IMG_0861

Keep on walking straight on to St Aldates.. almost there


Don’t forget to check out my church to the right. I love me some St. Aldates Church, right in the center of Oxford as the sign claims.



My church!


And finally, take a left behind Christ Church Cathedral and you made it to the most peaceful path also known as Port Meadows. I arrived right as the sun was almost setIMG_0888 IMG_0890 IMG_0892 IMG_0902

My bod card got me behind closed gates.


“O don’t mind me, I am just going to do some leisure reading as the sun sets.” IMG_0921

I mean, the two ducks and the two Arab men crossed path at the exact same moment and didn’t even notice.



Finally, I began to run out of sunlight & had to journey back home to 104.

IMG_0936   IMG_0947

And then I take a bus back home. Yeah, still not that athletic.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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