I see London, I see Sam’s Town

The walking tour started when we got off at the BlackFriars tube stop. Low and behold, there she was, St. Paul’s Cathedral. The first thing I saw in London this year, the one place I felt I needed to go after my recent Saving Mr Banks, Marry Poppins obsession.


I didn’t see an old lady feeding the birds. I plan on buying birdfeed & returning just to make Mary Poppins song come true.

We  crossed over to the Southbank by way of Millenium Bridge. The skies were crystal blue.




First stop: Tate Modern.



We grabbed a quick lunch at Wahaca, the only good Mexican in all of England, and booked it to the London Eye. We enjoyed the express passes and hopped right on thanks to Jamie standing in line for an hour while we ate lunch.




After we crossed the Thames again on Westminster bridge we headed to the National Gallery. I loved seeing the Monets.

After our walking tour ended around 4:30, two of my students decided they wanted to go explore the last two hours of  Portebello Market. We hopped on the tube at Charing Cross and got off the tube to Notting Hill Gate and explored this wonderland. This was my favorite part of the day because I had never been to Portebello Market. As I am a chronic thrifter, bargainer and haggler – I loved this world where you could buy a cheap leather coat, Afghan Ring or wool sweater for dirt cheap. I could have stayed in Notting Hill all day, and plan to return with Judge.


I’ve been hunting down a gold torquise ring for FOREVER, and when I finally found one I started bartering with the man down to 7 pounds. I had a hunch from Akbar’s accent where he was from but asked anyway…and ofcourse he was from Kandahar. I told him I studied Farsi in university and he made me speak a sentence before he gave me my ring:) Then he was also quick to explain how America “f-ed Afghanistan.” I quickly apologized on behalf of our country and we strolled on down the bizarre market, which felt a lot like a Suk.




Spring has definitely sprung in London and the town is bustling with energy. My shins are sore from walking miles, but I do feel like I know the geography of the city better than ever before. I can’t wait to explore some more neighborhoods in the NottingHill area very soon.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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