The first night Judge flies into London, we are attending a black-tie, floor-length-gown, Romanov Russian Ball.

I can’t think of a better way to initiate Judge into Oxford culture. If his flight is late coming in from Iceland for any reason, I am going to scream at the Universe for a big waste of a 150$ ticket. Now, I really can wear one of these Bridesmaid dresses again:)

For the first time since 2009, I am very READY to pack my suitcase to return to Oxford. So many amazing journeys planned for this European adventure. Well “planned” being a lose term, since nothing is set in stone until I get my tutorial schedule.

I dream of travelling to Scotland to see Anne. Northern Ireland to see Kristen. Rome to see Jenny Korwan. Germany & Poland to do some World War II historical tours. We shall see.

Man, this is my last big fling before settling down, jumping into my teacher career & probably marriage. I got to do it big.

First stop: Denmark to see my lovely roommate & native Dane, Anne T the second weekend of April!

Keble Ball

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