Just an hour


Last night, after Pure Barre class, I met Judge in downtown Athens to eat at Little Italy.

I was more exhausted emotionally and physically than I have ever been that I can remember due to 5 hours of sleep, smart-ass students and the challenge of Pure Barre exercise.

Judge wanted to hear all about my day, but I asked if we could just sit in silence. I just laid my head on his shoulder and he ate his sub in peace.

When we parted after an hour, we had barely spoken a word. He went and heated up my car for me and gave me his coat and kissed me goodnight.

I was seriously afraid to drive home because I was so exhausted. On the way to downtown, my shins were shaking from Pure Barre and I was afraid I was going to crash. All I had in my stomach was coffee upon coffee and I seriously felt drunk from being tired.

But as I pulled away from being with my love for just one hour I felt content, happy and energized. He just selflessly loved on me for such a short time, and all the sudden I felt I could fly home.

These days I am so content just to see him for a brief moment in my hectic life. I’ve finally come to a place of being supremely happy with my life, in my relationships and in my career.

Last night, I slept harder than ever. Nothing helps you sleep like peace and contentment in life.

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