Well, I got my loan in by the grace of God. Cha-ching $$$ Thank you, US government. I’ll pay you back real soon.

So, I bought a computer, bought groceries, got stricter in  my class, got into a healthier lifestyle mode… and now, it was time to organize my creative space, this blog I love so much.

What does that mean to you? Probably nothing at all, but I just spent 3 hours making sure all my blogs were in neat little categories.


Well, I’ve realized some of my cohort friends are reading my blog to co-miserate/learn about my crazy teaching experience. Hello to all you  lovely people! I am so glad you are reading, please comment  away. Please don’t disown me for my grammatical errors.

Then there are my long-term friends who are probs all like, “Katie, your not a freedom-writer, tell us what you ate for dinner last night. Be real.” Shout out to Tim Gillprice & Dan Emas, my ever-present-ever-honest humility brigade.

So, I’ve broken the blog apart into nice little compact categories.

Please take a look at the right side bar and browse accordingly.



Please keep on commenting and reflecting! I love your comments. Really, like really. Really.


Gossip Girl



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