Stay Humble

It’s easy to get a big-head and “start flexin”  when you are a teacher “changing lives”.

In the end of the day, we’re all just humans and I can be one stupid human.

My MT told me TWO thing about my 4th block class before I took over,

1.) “Always make J. feel like you believe in him and he’ll lead your class,”

2.) “Don’t move R’s seat from the back right corner.”

R. was completely silent his freshmen year because of his severe speech impediment. But last year, my MT placed him in the back right corner and he started talking. Sadly, now he won’t shut up.

Yesterday, R. came late to class because he was goofing off like usual, pretending to be tough in the hallways.

One of my favorite kids, North Ave., has a smile that lights up a room but refuses to do a blessed piece of work. I decided to use my teacher powers, and invited this girl, T., over, to motivate him to write his story. I even told them they could write their story together, because I know they flirt with each other and might just motivate each other to work.

I mistakenly told T to sit in R’s seat, right behind North Ave. Well when R. saw what T. had done, sin of sins, sit in his back right corner seat, he flipped a lid,

He stomped over like an oger, “O, hell no!”

Right away, he started mouthing off to T. and that caused his speech to slur more and more until it was unintelligible.

Girls are quick to rise to the conflict in my school. Immediately she started mouthing back, “Wait, what did you say? I can’t understand you? What did you say?” Hit him below the belt. God, girls can shred a boy to pieces with words.

I told T. to move because she hurt R. feeling. She told me, “not to be afraid of him,” and I explained I wasn’t afraid, but I knew she was being mean and he got his feelings hurt.

R. went to Mr. D. (the special education teacher) and asked Mr. D to have his seat back, when Mr. D wouldn’t help the situation, R. came over to beat T’s ass.

I knew it was serious. I knew T., my favorite girl in the school, was about to have her ass whooped because of my stupid direction.

Then North Ave and G. stood up immediately and blocked R. from kicking T’s ass. It was crazy to watch.

These two apaethic, lazy, failing students, looked like warriors. They stood up and immediately defended T.

G. is almost mute in my class, but all the sudden his strong male voice came through crystal clear, “O really? You are really going to beat on a female?”

My MT grabbed T. by her shoulders and pulled her out of the classroom. R. tried to follow behind but Mr. D stood in the doorway and wouldn’t let him pass.

Yep, I caused that to happen. T. was quietly working and I had to have the nerve to invite her over to motivate North Ave to get his tail in gear.

As T. was hauled off by security she screamed, “Ms. Baker told me to sit in that seat!”

and I knew she was right.

I am one stupid human sometimes.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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