This story stays unwritten

 I can’t explain to you how  I felt when I opened this story tonight to grade my favorite-students work and to know  his name is no longer officially on my class roll.

 He was usually quiet, always polite, usually flirtatious, skipped class a bit, and truthfully wasn’t always hard-working unless you gave him a chance to creatively write.

This student wrote out his life story in his journal first. He worked for three class periods in a row in complete silence. I kept on reminding him that he couldn’t write on paper forever, he would eventually have to type it up.

Finally, last week he started typing and this is how far he got,

“A young boy born originally in Brooklyn, New York but moved to Georgia. He in 3 or 4 other counties prior to him living in Athens. His memories may be a bit vauge and blurry, but he’ll try to to tell you as much as he can. He moved from New York when he was about two or three so really he was raised a southern boy. That always despised him…”

Last week, this student got suspended for bringing a weapon to school. Some report that it seemed like he was genuinely shocked when it was discovered, as if he just forgot to take it out of his pocket when he got on the school bus.

Now, he’ll have to completely start his 10th grade over again in January of 2015.  At this point, he’ll be sixteen years old and most likely will drop out because it will be legally allowed.

I keep on praying that I will run into him somewhere in public so Judge and I could offer to tutor him.

This boy is genuinely good-hearted, there are so many other rude or lazy kids who deserved this before him. He could have been one of my GREAT writers, and now I guess he’ll grab a job somewhere like Kroger. It makes me so mad

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