The Power of Questions

Dear Students,

These are Question to ask YOURSELF to see if you are going to get a  GOOD GRADE on this story which is the LARGEST GRADE in this unit so far (aka you could fail this course if you don’t write this story by Friday).

If your answer is “No!” to any of these questions, you need to continue to fix your story → Hint: THE ANSWER SHOULD BE YES 

1.) Do I write in a way that sets the SETTING of my story? Do I help the reader  see, taste, hear and feel what is going on? Do I make the reader feel like they are there with me even though they’ve never been there?

2.) Do I describe how I feel in that setting? Do I remember how those events made me feel?

3.) Do I introduce the main conflict between me and the world or me and other characters? What makes me mad? What makes me upset? What is my great challenge?

4.) Do I jump right into the juicy details or the action? Do I remember to build rising action and suspense in my story? Does the reader care what happens to me in my story? Do I build momentum and make them want to know what is about to happen next? How would I make my friends care about this story?

5.) Do I get to the CLIMAX or BIG EVENT of my story on the second page? Do I forget to describe the main event of my story?

6.) Do I capitolize “I”?

7.) Do I use quotation marks in my paper when someone is speaking or I am thinking thoughts? She said to me, “Wow, you aced this paper because you used correct grammar!”

8.) Do I have three pages, single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-sized Font? Will have three pages, single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-sized font by the last period of this week?

9.) Do I use strong verbs that help describe action well or do I just use lots of adjectives?

If you’re answer to question number eight is, “No!” Then you haven’t paced yourself well in this class. You need to put in your headphones, concentrate hard, and type quickly!! You have a lot of work due this Friday ( Three pages, single spaced, 12 font).


If you answer YES to these questions, you need to keep on editing your story →


6.) Do I start sentences with “and” or “but”?

7.) Do I use “like” in my story?

8.) Do I often start my sentences with “so” or “and so?”

9.) Is my story one big paragraph? Are my sentences longer than two lines?

10.) Do I use verbs with ING at the end?

11.) Do I use were or was or had in my paper?

12.) Do I write, “Me and Mr. Dancha are going to the mall?” or “Me and __ are ___” because the correct way to write is “Mr. Dancha and I are going to the mall” or “Mr. Sogle and I are running a marathon.”

13.) After I explain a certain time frame such as “Yesterday I went to the mall” or “Two hours ago I ran to school.” Do I forget to use commas after the time-words such as “Two hours ago, I ran to school” or “Yesterday, I went to the mall.”

14.) Is “gonna” a word?

15.) Do I write “SMH” or “LOL” or any other iternet jargon in this paper for school?

16.) Do I forget to describe characters to my readers and pretend that they know everyone in my life?

17.) Do I forget to say what year I am describing or do I forget to say how old I am when this story happened?

18.) Do I use –ING verbs? Do I use “was: or “were” in incorrect ways?

19.) Are my verbs in past tense?

20.) Do I use “like” in a formal paper?

Tell me what you honestly think!

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