Now, how do we make this a reality?

As a person who loves and is loved by a creative, detail-oriented, and strikingly original God, I want to be embedded in a family of faith that rejects


hallow language,

restrictive and polarizing phrases, Facebook posts and Tweets.

I want to surround myself with people who express intelligence and originality through humor, fresh ideas and culturally sensitive expression.  I want to be around people who are authentic about their inadequacies.

I want to be locked into life with people who are also honest about  their victories and talents. Let’s reject fake humility and claim the stage when it’s ours for the taking, but only display ourselves to those we’ve befriended first.

Maybe, then, others outside of these religious confines will believe that they are also loved by a creative, detail-oriented and strikingly original God.

Maybe they’ll discover their language and their story.

In the meantime, I’ll be as honest and creative as I know how, in this space.

You are welcome too.

Claim Your Voice. Tell Your Story. Tear down the walls.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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