Well, Judge and both feel like this semester we’ve stepped into our “careers” and life-callings. Judge is working full time 9 to 6 as a physical therapist assistant and I am working as a full time student teacher  in a “failing school district.”

We hope these passions will carry us through our lives, and for that reason we are giving these jobs our ALL and for that reason we barely see or talk to eachother during the weekdays.

So weekends are like hidden pearls and I value these sweet nuggets more than ever now. This weekend was just right. We started it off at a fancy dinner at Girasoles, then with a Jittery Joes vanilla lattee and finally in the Lakeside hottub while it poured down freezing rain (mhmm, seriously in all ways the perfect date)

Saturday, we went to Elberton and both worked our tails off (Judge applying to Physical therapy school literally all over the world) and I wrote a paper for my Special Education class on Audio Processing Disorder (which I believe I have self-diagnosed myself as having) and then we watched a very depressing 4th quarter of the Auburn v. Georgia game. Sad story.

And we ended the weekend on Sunday with an amazing rainy dinner at the Royal Peasant with dear friends. I am so thankful for the weekend, so.very.thankful.









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