Seeing them for who they are not yet

The student who threatened to jump me yesterday & bitched like hell about her assigned seat and the other girl who threw a desk – participated in class today:) The certain young lady who told me to get my “white ass out of her face” gave a stellar theme presentation first thing 2nd block. Some of them hate me because I am forcing them to think and be creative and won’t spoon-feed them answer and certainly won’t give them multiple choice tests! Living up to my promise to them in the beginning of the year that “80% of the year you may hate me because I will force you to act like intelligent, capable adults and I will give you creative projects and I will enforce deadline because I know you are better than you act. But I promise that I can help you become better students, family-members, workers and people and during the 20% of the year you stop hating me, you will see how much you learned and how much you accomplished.” Only had one fight break out today and it’s because one of my favorite students (who made me cry in the beginning of the year) beat up on this one guy because he refused to work on his project:) I love that now that we built a community in my class they are pressuring each other to learn and work hard. My back-corner-thugs participated all day! It’s amazing when you prophetically treat students how they could be instead of who they are, what happens. I’m seeing students transform in front of my eyes, they are finally learning how to “claim their voices and tell their stories,” but I thought I would about die before it happened!! Only took about 5 weeks to gain that TRUST.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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