This blog is slowly changing over, y’all.

But the URL is officially new so it makes it kinda more official. All you need is 18$ and you two can feel like your in a whole new season of life. This was better than a new-haircut, although the new darker hair  did seem to correlate to my new blog-name… hmm… I am sure Emily Hutchison would have something to say about that!!

If you are completely confused what I am talking about (what else is new, I am on caffine and typing way too fast), read about all these cha-cha-changes by clicking here. 

For those of you (like three of you maybe?) who put on your daily-reading pages or favorite bars, do not worry!  Both URLs map to this same site. I really confused Tom Lebo  (currently top-commenter of about this matter, so wanted to clarify. Though I am seeing this as a new-blog, I felt it was dishonest to scrap all the foundations and past four years of my life –  so I am building atop of the old.

Thanks for your patience with this space. I am happy that the mission supports my life a bit better now. Thankful for people like Jessica Longino, Anna Mabel, Lauren Baker (who graciously offered up her camera so yall don’t have to keep on looking at my grainy Iphone pictures SOON), Tom Lebo and James Lee who helped me recast the vision and keep this blog alive. Keep on reading and commenting on everything, even when it looks rough




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