Pencil Skirts & Boots

So JCREW was 80% off last weekend for teachers, and I am not going to admit to buying these skirts. But…

skirt grey skirt

pencil lace

I don’t know if it’s just because I am a curvy broad… but I’m obsessed with the shape of a pencil skirt hugging my body paired with heels and boots. I feel the most like a powerful capable woman when I’m in these pieces of clothing, and though I have about 10 pencil skirts now I can’t stop. It’s the perfect blend of feminine & mountain-conquering. They are also perfect for student teaching when it’s still scary standing in front of a classroom of 32 teenagers:)

JCREW is currently having a fall essential sale where everything you “need” for this autumn is 40% off. And if you are a student or teacher you get an extra 20% off. And if you spend 200$ or more you get an extra 30% off… not that I did that or anything.

Check out these amazing details and beautifully fashioned fall clothing by clicking here 

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