Child v. Adulthood


Ways I am NOT mature

1.) Towels. Towels and socks. Who ever thinks to wash towels and socks? Who wants to? I would rather just buy new socks. Everyday after the shower I go to grab a towel and it smells nasty and then I have to put my robe on and basically drip dry and then I realize I’m still waiting for my mom to do a load of towels and that hasn’t happened for 7 years.

2.) Cheap Gas. I keep on waiting for the adult tendency to strike where I would drive a half mile further to save 2 cents per gallon. I don’t even look at gas prices. I know I need it and I just fill up my tank without thinking twice. It’s a good day if I make it to the gas station, let alone the cheapest gas station. Let’s get real.

3.) The power bill. I like to sleep with my windows open. I need to learn that this now costs money. Our power bill for this month was over 200$. Holy cow.

Ways I AM now mature

1.) I am finally learning how to grocery shop just for myself. Essentials for me: Rice-cakes, granola cereal, La Croix (sparkling water), plums, Swiss cheese, roast beef, wheat rolls, Diet Coke, almonds, goat cheese, chewy bars, English breakfast tea & burgers.

2.) I am very slowly and reluctantly learning how much more beautiful and happy I feel when I just move, dance or swim for like 30 minutes a day. This happens like maybe twice a week, but this lesson is slowly sinking in.

3.) I have officially become a coffee drinker although it’s still “iced” and I still need vanilla flavoring.

4.) I am learning the happiness I feel at 7:00AM when I go to bed at 11PM instead of 1AM.

5.) My resume looks professional and I actually have 3 years of teaching experience and 2 years of office experience to write down & that feels good, yall.

6.) I am learning the immense joy of just an hour or two on the couch watching a Netflix show with my love and I am content with that short-time when our schedules finally line up (well, sometimes I’m content). Our current obsession is The Good Wife on Hulu Plus. Side Note: Buy an Apple TV for less than 100$. We can now watch Netflix, HuluPLus and everyother Youtube Video on our big screen TV

7.) Worship music in the mornings.

8.) Silence. Silence is something I enjoy now after a crazy school day.

9.) I am finally learning that it’s better to have a couple of brand-named, well made, quality-material items in your closet than ALOT of Target clothes. I will forever pine for JCREW outlet sales. Don’t get me wrong, Target is still my favorite for accesories & flats. I also figured out that my legs are too long to buy pants anywhere besides Gap or other places that sell “longs.”

10.) I have started to wash my sheets more than once a year and I no longer allow my dog in my bed.

11.) Heels. You can’t buy cheap heels. You get what you paid for if you buy heels or boots knock-off You’ll wear them once and never again. It’s worth spending 40$ for heels that once were 100$ in a department store. I bought a pair of beige wedges at TJ and I wear them almost every day to teach. Completely 100% worth it, especially when I look 16 years old to these students and I”m trying to pretend to be an adult so my male-students stop hitting on me.

12.) Friends should be like the few nice pieces of your wardrobe you bought at JCrew or the Loft or the Gap. It’s better to have just a couple of quality friends you hang out with all the time, than a hundred surface level relationships.

13.) Rum & Ginger/ / Gin & tonics

14.) Immediately throw away wire hangers. Invest in cedar ones or atleast plastic and make your life infinitely less complicated

15.) I no longer feel the need to straighten my hair or even scrutch it. I wear it all natural more than ever.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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