Athens, Georgia

“…The city breeds the types of nights where everyone is on a drive, windows down with the moon coming in and cigarette smoking going out and all of the drivers are looking for something. They search for a way to feel something, the place to be alone, the place to be together, the place to search their own selves out. The buildings all have secrets of past searchers, all of the walls hold knowledge and have seen more than song or paper or pen could ever capture. The grout between the bricks holds the light out, holds the darkness in, holds the walls up, keeps the people contained. Everyone here roams. They seek knowledge, they seek self-betterment, they hold themselves together by pulling others apart, they become wise in their own eyes, they walk the streets like they are the stepping stones to their better life […] Athens’ trees smell of cinnamon and sleepless nights. In the nighttime the trees scream at you and in the daytime they hold you like a long lost friend. They are the homes of the birds that wake up too early and their leaves hide the sky that reminds the wanderers of how much bigger the world is. Athens is the short term relationship that you loved so passionately and wept for more bitterly than any other lover. The searchers seek their answers here, the searchers find their brothers and sisters here, the searchers wake up in the middle of the night nostalgic for the presence of the present…” – Anna Mabel, my lovely roommate

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