In the beginning, talk about these things

I have a dear friend who just started a new relationship and I racked my brain to figure out things I wish Judge and I talked about in the beginning that would have saved us some awkwardness, hurt-feelings and/or fights:) I think having conversations starting with these lines below could save couples a world of trouble…


This is what I act like when I’m upset or hurt. These are little clues you can pick up when this happens.

This is what “I’m fine” or “I’m okay” means = I’m not fine, I’m not okay.

Planning. This is how I plan. This is how I want you to plan.

This is how I think you should act as my signifigant other in public, this is where your focus should be

How are we going to handle PDA in public? Or around your family? What is the culture in this setting for touching?

This is what I do to show love. This is what I say to show love. This is what I give to show love. This is where I am to show love.

These are the movies I find really funny. Which of are funny-movies intersect? What does this say about our mutual humor?

This is how I feel watching sex scenes around you on a film… how should we handle that.

This is how much money I spend a week on eating out.

This is what I do when I feel whole…

This is how I debrief after something big just happened. This is how I replay that moment. This is how I process something BIG both painful, exciting or new.

This is how important texting and social media are to me

This is what I like to buy to cheer me up. This type of purchases get out of control.

This is what happens when I’m angry or hurt….

I am most alive at night or I am most alive in the morning

This is how late we should stay together on the weekdays/ weekends

Should we fall asleep together?

Tell me what you honestly think!

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