Life for one person holds many variables. For instance, just all by my lonesome, here are some of the decisions I have to make SOON just for the spring time…

I swear my life is like one unsolvable puzzle. 


Not- negotiable: I will leave for Oxford at the end of March to be the graduate resident again for the UGA@Oxford Program and I’ll stay for three months, with the option of staying 5 months (though I don’t know if my little heart can handle being away from everyone I love for that long). Please, friends, come and visit me!!   Since I’ll have completed my masters by this time,  I will be taking two classes from Oxford profs that will count for my doctorate,.

Here’s the catch. I took a “risk” by signing up to be the Graduate Resident in Oxford (though it was a no-brainer), because technically the state of Georgia requires me to student teach until the end of April. My mentor teacher is okay with breaking those rules so if my advisor  at UGA allows me to student teach for only three months (ending in March), I will graduate with my MAT  (Masters  of Arts in Teaching) and then I will be certified to teach in Georgia by the summer. If the director does not allow me to student teach as a result of my early exit,  then I will graduate with my MED (Masters of Education) and I will need to go ahead and do my doctorate because I won’t be certified to teach in Georgia. I’m really praying the new director of my “Language and Literacy education” program is as flexible and rule-bending as my mentor teacher.

I need to apply for my doctorate of Creative Writing by the latest in December. I really should get in my application as soon as possible.  The worst part, by far, is that I have to ask the same people for recommendations. I can’t believe I have to pester these people again as I’ve applied to soooo many programs since I graduate 2.5 years ago from college.

I will need to stop working for the law-firm by the end of November if the LLED program allows me to fit in my student teaching early in December ( Hypothetically, I will begin student teaching right after Thanksgiving to make up for lost time later in April).

If the LLED program will not allow me to student teach, then I can work for my law firm through March which I would LOVE because I simply LOVE where I work in down-town Athens  mostly because of the people and I finally have a corner desk. Big deal, people, big deal.

Now add another person into the mix and try to join your life together with someone you love and the variables EXPLODE

Judge takes his GRE September 19th. He is hoping he can get into one of the five highly competitive physical therapy programs in Georgia with his scores. Realistically, he most likely will have to move to go to school out of state. There is a physical therapy program in St. Augustine where he grew up that only takes two years to complete because it’s on a trimester system. Seeing how getting into physical therapy programs in Georgia is harder than getting into medical school, he’s planning on most likely moving anywhere outside of the Peach State by May. For instance, in Philadelphia alone there are 5 PT schools and that’s the same number for the entire state of Georgia. It looks like his chances of acceptance are much higher of acceptance away from me and my educational endeavors:(

If Judge moves out of state and I also am allowed to student teach in the spring before I leave for Oxford, we could get married when I move back from England and then I could begin teaching anywhere and put Judge through physical therapy school with my meager 60,000$ a year or so salary (whatever, beats the pay of a legal assistant).

But, if by some miracle Judge get’s into physical therapy school here in Georgia, I could continue on to my doctorate of creative writing right away here at the University of Georgia and continue to work for the UGA @ Oxford program ad infinitum which is the best job in the world. In which case, we would NOT get married if both of us were in school as we wouldn’t just want my 900 $ a month teaching stipend to support us both:) That means, we would both get hitched as, “Dr. and Dr. Johnson” which I feel is worth the wait not really for the title, but to both be in careers which are specialized and that we are passionate about!

See the variables? So people keep on asking us, “When, when?” I write you the post to display the many different variables that play into this decision. It really is a jig-saw puzzle and I write “Pro” and “Cons” list every day. Like this weekend, I felt my heart may explode and I told Judge I would rather get married this summer and follow him to Florida.  I mean, honestly the though of waiting 3 more years to get married was enough to crush me on Friday. But then, I remember how much I COME ALIVE while I’m creative writing and to picture getting to teach that to other college students makes me so excited.

Right now were just focusing on September 19th and we’ll see where life takes us according to the GRE scores:)

But let’s just be honest, if he asks I’ll say yes.

O life…

Best case scenario: I complete my student teaching in the spring. Judge get’s into PT school here in Georgia (wishfully in the North Georgia mountains) and we both continue on to get our doctorates right here and I live in my yellow house for another year  and then maybe after we complete one year of our program… we will seriously consider splitting my 900$ a month and living off of that – poor, married and in love:) Jesus, that’s my prayer!!

This will be one of those posts that I will look back on and laugh. I was so disillusioned, cocky and confused after college I had ZERO idea what the Lord was up to and I look back on those “Path Posts” and am amazed at all God has done to lead, guide and direct me!

It’ll be an adventure no matter what.

One thought on “Variables

  1. Whew! SO many variables! but the good news is, time goes by fast and they’ll all fall into place before you know it!! col. 1:17 He holds all things together– even katie baker and judge johnson’s unsolvable puzzles!!

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