Early Mornings

My life has drastically altered since Judge’s beloved PT broke down and I’ve had to drive him to work every morning at 6 AM. My alarm rings at 5:45 AM and it’s been glorious.

Judge says I am not a morning, afternoon or night person – I’m like a 156 hour person who crashes at the end of a 3 day cycle. I have some crazy ability to sleep very little and then the weekend comes and I’m unable to function like a normal person. I got a grand total of 3 hours of sleep last night but I’m feeling GOOD.

This morning I drove Judge to Landmark at 6. We barely spoke due to our early morning disposition. After I dropped him off, I headed to WaHo with my bestie. Jessica has been ordering the Texas Cheesteak melt for a long while and I usually get the Bacon Egg and Cheese sambo on wheat toast. I’ve always been drawn to Jessica’s melt but didn’t like the idea of two huge pieces of texas toast that early in the AM. Today, in the wee hours an inspiration dawned on me. Get the onions, steak and cheese with a scrambled egg on top. O my Lawd! Life changed. That will now be my new regular, in a new season:)

Jessica was then bold enough to invite me to 7:30 prayer and I went. So good to be at Wesley with all the insiders and to see how they operate and how renewing GOOD worhsip and heart-felt prayer feels as the sun rises. Everyone was locked and ready to praise him. I can’t believe Jessica has been doing this for three years. I am one to bitch at the white-culture of places like Wesley ( a culture I’ve never understood and don’t seem to fit into easily) but I plan on going to these early morning prayer things. I wriggled and writhed and was genuinely awkward through most of worship. I knew what was happening – my sin and pride was dying and I felt God’s presence and it’s been awhile since I stood through something like that. I’m basically a heathon these days and do alot of my God time alone but there is nothing quite like corporate worship. God choses to bless His church and He was certainly responding to alot of prayers.

I sometimes give Jessica hell about all her Wesley engagements because they tend to suck up every free evening of her life (she works probably like 60 or 70 hours a week). So sometimes I’m immaturely bitter at Wesley for taking Jessica away from me. Other times, I’m just jealous that Jessica is in the full swing of a life of serious ministry and when she’s changing lives and leading people and praying and counseling – I”m usually writing lame essays or updating Excels at work. So, overall I haven’t always been very supportive of her life but it was good to go today and see the organism that she prays for and stresses over and pours most of her life into. It’s definitely a very ALIVE, growing and dynamic place.

I am going to be real honest, I am never going to have the self-discipline to go to these things unless I have some accountability in the form of Judge’s broken car or a Waho morning group, but in the meantime I immensely enjoyed myself and felt high on life before I strolled into my law-firm at 9 AM already living a great deal.

I guess all those people who say Devos must be held in the AM (I’m shuddering while I write “devo”) may be on to something. Blast!

I really am a prideful bitch and have such an authorite issue 90% of the time. My dad always told me that, and I know that my rebeliion and lack of obedience has manifested in my life with some serious stagnancy. Obedience is a hard thing and o so necessary. Glad to be reminded in the beginning of September.

Yes, the magic of the ‘bers is upon us.

4 thoughts on “Early Mornings

  1. Ok, I’ll admit, I’ve been off my 12 Stones grind for awhile, but I am so glad to be back! I’m going to catch up. Loved this post. I also love early mornings and am very much a morning person. But I think like you said, regardless of if you’re actually “a morning person” or not, there is something really real and raw and true about mornings…that’s why scripture speaks about them so often. It really is almost as if God erases everything at night and starts fresh, gives us a “do over” every morning…gahh, grace!

    LOL at the “devo” shutter and “Blast!” exclamation…miss you.

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