July Birthday Celebration in London

On the National Express bus from Oxford to London (Round Trip: 15 pounds)


Jessica was sweet enough to book our hotel in the heart of the Arab district of London, in Edgeware Road. Before she arrived, I treated myself to Lebanese food & it made me so content & nostalgic for Amman days20130724-164627.jpg

Saturday night, Jessica and I went to the Southbank to see “The Sweet Bird of Youth” at the Old Vic. 20130724-164711.jpg

But the Old Vic is my new favorite theater, like ever




Jessica and I took part in the madness of London-shopping on a Sunday afternoon on Oxford Street. Primark was seriously a mad-house.


After shopping on Oxford Street, we took a very hot stroll through Hyde Park. It’s been so hot this summer in London much of the park looks like an African Savannah as the grass is dead. But the Serpentine Lake was pretty as ever


I also got to see the “Speakers Corner” and listen to a bunch of crazy religious leaders shout at eachother and debate all sorts of things.


Obviously, loved the Central Asian Exhibit


Had the most amazing picnic lunch in the quod of the Albert Victoria Museum. My favorite hour of the entire trip. The Royal Albert is my all time favorite museum, even the trays we ate our food off of were decorative and ornate.



Piccadilly Circus at night. London is celebrating 60 years of the queen


Jessica’s only birthday wish… Ice bar. The entire place is made of ice and you pay 12 pounds to get locked in a freezer



That Monday morning we woke up, turned on the news and realized the royal baby was being born 5 minute from our hotel room. We rushed down there and spent the morning being interviewed by the BBC, New York times and some french newspaper. It was so silly & fun


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