35 events from 2013

I am sorry to the faithful who have been let down by my lack of writing since I returned to the Classic City. So far, I’ve done a terrible job of reporting the events of 2013…


I have finally got in the groove of my life as a graduate student/assistant who has a whole lot of free time but is learning to live on 900$ a month.

I usually come to this blog after I have tackled some issue or life-lesson and in this space I report my mantra or nugget of God-given wisdom, but all I’ve gathered are some fragments of half-truths in this season which lacks a schedule & oftentime, vision.

And where the vision of Katie Baker dies the 12stones Blogs perishes:)

So yep… I moved in to 2140 Lakeside Drive at the end of January. Those top 4 windows are all mine,


The very first day I moved into my new room (and my new walk in closet PTL), I got a call from Alex Anderson in Redding. I had just hooked up my TV and Sloan and I were in the process of getting cable so I could watch the Today Show every-morning in my bed.


So, I get this call from Alex and he tells me that God gave him a picture of a TV that was all blurry & staticky, but when it was plugged in the image would become clear. He felt as if the TV was this season of my life, but as I plugged into my community, this season would make more and more sense. He told me that God was still saying “yes” to my heart for the nations… but He wanted me plugging into my community of believers here in good old Athens, Georgia for now

I’ve held on tight to that word and I’ve been loving diving head first into my Awakening Community when life feels slow

So, here’s what I’ve been up to in a bullet-pointed nutshell (not to be confused with a bullet-proof nutshell which does come in handy if you are a tiny moll on the run from a hawk)


1.) ThriftTurning: I have found a way to fund my  hobby of thrifting  by selling my wares to the consignment shop called Suska in Five Points. Check out their website here because I really enjoy shopping here with my profit.

2.) I travelled up to North Carolina to see my family twice now that I have a four day weekend, every. single. week. I got to spend some quality time with my little brother. We got kicked off a mountain by a park ranger and enjoyed some tasty BBQ


2.5)  I also travelled up to Beech Mountain on our churche’s ski-trip and had alot of quality time with the Newlywed Noxsels. Driving up with Matt was beyond an adventure, as Matt tried to summit the icy mountain peeks with his stick-shift. The arrival trip ended in Lauren and I exiting the vehicle and refusing to get back inside. The time in the cabin was just as relaxing and life giving. Saturday I spent in a ditch with my pastor and his wife and some others of our church family, and I loved seeing people in stressful/domestic settings instead of just in worship.

snow buns

I’ve learned to laugh alot with Lauren & Matt this month and consider them two of my closest friends  now. It’s fun to have married friends who invite you over to their farm-house. Judge and I are learning alot from these two and always enjoy their honesty & hospitable hearts.


3.) I havebought over a 100$ of groceries at Aldi in the beginning of both February and March and have cooked faithfully. I have fallen in love with home-made shrimp tacos, lobster bisque, goat cheese and green pepper & onion omelette’s


4.) I’ve applied to every job you can imagine, which has included most stores I walked into & about 6 law-firms. It seems that at this moment God wants me to have just enough & alot of FAITH when I would rather pay off school-loans.

5.) I’ve researched and graded many papers about agriculture. I’ve turned in 8 more students for blatant plagerism.

6.) I got accepted to return to Oxford this July for a month & late next spring for 3 months!!

7.) I ran around the Lakeside Loop ALOT and have gotten back into moving my body to feel alive and working out with Ms. Lauren Noxsel  at Ramsey for the 1st time since freshmen year

8.) Found an old art book at Reeds Odds & Ends and smuthered my wall with French Impressionistic paintings.


9.) Toured 3 houses to live in next year, still don’t know where I am living. Really in my heart of hearts, all I want to do is live with Judge:)

10.) Got a haircut that requires me to blow dry and style my hair every day.

11.) Used a staple-gun and sander for the first time

12.) Saw Identity Theft, Zero Dark Thirty, My Idiot Brother & Knocked Up. Judge and I finally figured out what movies we both find funny. We’ve laughed together SO much, especially this last month in a time when laughter is needed.


13.) Mourned when Hugh Jacman didn’t win the academy for Les Mis.

14.) Channeled my domestic energy of decorating by reading this blog, Young House Love and this blog, Life as a Thrifter and watched too much Property Wars & Rehab Addict.  Grown even more jealous of young couples who have their own space to make their own.

15.) Never seen Jessica Longino because she’s so busy Declared myself Jessica’s disciplee so she has time to see me during the week

16.) Faithfully met with Jessica and Meg Abbot every Wedneday morning at Waffle House. Potentially, the best hour of every week.

17.) Creepily shadowed a student at Clark Central and fell in love with the possibility of student teaching at an inner city like highschool right off Milledge Avenue.

18.) Taken Jet & Roxxy to dog parks and open fields to run, a whole lot.


19.) Became an official long-term member of Pioneers by filling out alot of paper work, mental health questionares and by the help of Dorrie, Lauren Baker, Allison, Melissa and Eric Keller for filling out recommendations:) Though I decided not to go to Afghanistan/Turkey/Dubai this summer, I still am planning on being officially trained this May in Orlando and hopefully taking this Bridge trip next summer.

20.) Ran out of gas in Bishop and shortly after hung out with Jessica Gay by invading her life in the country. In general, I’ve explored alot of Watkinsville lately and have come to love the country surrounding the college town


21.) Forsaken El Azteca and started frequenting La Parilla

22.) Grew ever more attracted to Judge while watching him be an after-school counseler to elementary school kids. I love love watching his father/child-like heart.

23.) Attended my first ever English Education Conference in the North Georgia Mountains and though I complained like hell about waking up at 4:30 AM to attend, I absolutely loved it and was rocked by the creative writing advice from my new favorite author, Terry Kay.


24.) Bought a great fitting pair of jeans and shorts at Plato’s Closet. Good jeans make life infinitely more sassy.

25.) Slept in past 9 almost everyday and spent alot time snuggling with Roxxy, my “Lazy Bones” Woke up to this face every morning…sleep

26.) Laughed, cried and fought more with Judge than ever before, but on the whole our relationship is stronger/more honest than I remember it ever being. I love Judge Johnson a whole lot, if anyone is wondering:)

27.) Had the small details of my everyday domestic life documented by my new roommate, Sloan (a vast majority of the pictures on this post are taken by her)

28.) Hosted a French Soiree and a Margerita Hottub Nights with the ladies of my church. Hosting has been one of my favorite parts of “plugging into my community” and being back in Athens


29.) Got to know the members of my Language & Literacy Education cohort, and am shocked to be in a small intimate group of people who are alot like me.

30.) Fell back in love with Mr. J.P. at Habitat Restore.

31.) Let go of some of my control issues & OCD tendencies but still have not forsakken the slumpy shelf. Yes, I am enjoying living alone in my own HUGE room.

32.) Discovered Anna Mabel & I were actually in the womb together

33.) Rejected my first invitation to go to Central Asia and be on the field-long term so I can first figure out being in a relationship long-term first:)

34.) Got sternly yelled at by Tim Gillprice for not being engaged yet.

35.) Still instagram more than is healthy and continually debate if I should give up my iphone due to my new limited budget:)


To the faithful, I’ll let you know when the TV screen stops being so fuzzy & I can’t write yall a sonnet of the golden-nuggets of my humble life.

Until then don’t forget to Claim your Voice & Tell Your Story.

I am enjoying learning how to teach others to do just that& will be back in full force soon.


5 thoughts on “35 events from 2013

  1. Well well well! Welcome back to the blog world!! Ok first of all, you look SO CUTE in the snow pic!!! And I can’t believe you actually got outta the car on the ice! It musta been really scary bc i know KB doesn’t normally opt out of unsafe situations (much to my dismay). and omg Oxford. YES. AHHH. GLORY. Oh, and funny you should mention Identity Theft- I talked all about it today with none other than your old pal Ginny. See what all you’re missing out on?!
    Anyway, ah so many more things to respond to, but I can’t take up the whole page, so the last thing I’ll comment on is:
    “21.) Forsaken El Azteca and started frequenting La Parilla”
    PRAISE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. I knew you’d come around 🙂
    Ok that’s it. love ya 🙂 ❤

  2. hahaha I’m so glad you posted!! I LOVE IT! I miss you guys so much.. I really really really do. I really miss you. I hope that you are doing well and I love that word from Alex. You are so great! I’m laughing at Lauren but also disagree with her completely about Azteca. La Parilla is way more expensive than our sweet Azteca where they don’t really know how to add up our bills right. But really forget both of those because we all know Cali N’ Titos is our first love and we won’t ever forsake it.

    I can’t wait to see and hang out with you and judge and jessica on the first week of April. You are so incredibly great! Miss and love you and I LOVED This. It was so great to hear whats been going on with you 🙂

  3. YES YES YES YES! A post!! This is so great. I second and amen everything said above. I think I was losing vision because there was no 12stones too! lol. I also think Wednesday mornings might be one of the best hours of the week. It doesnt matter how tired I am I always wanna go to those. Lauren Baker…no mor mediocre mexican : ) YESSS. Your life is always beautiful. Always. Glad you posted this. Its more beautiful than you know right now.

    “I love seeing people in stressful/domestic settings instead of just worship.” : ) Katherine R. Baker in her sweet spot : )

  4. Katie Baker! I’m glad I decided to peruse your blog a little before I force myself back into law world. The duet in Chess that you posted is one of my favorites btw. Also, my boyfriend Bryan, who’s one hell of a guy btw, is going to study at Oxford June and July with several of our friends for the law program. I’m still trying to land something environmentally-related stateside for the summer, but I’m sure they’d love to grab a pint with you if . Bryan’s e-mail is bay03@my.fsu.edu. And there’s always facebook (which I am cutting myself from until May arrives, but my new e-mail is cac12e@my.fsu.edu). Hope all is well!! Wishing you the best!

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