Well we made a terrible-decision right before our night at the Fox that Judge paid lots of money for me to enjoy…

We arrived with 30 minutes to spare, so we decided to kill time at the Publik Draft House next door. I wasn’t thinking when we ordered a Dark & Storm at the bar that I hadn’t had anything to eat. all.day. And I drank it fast, because the show was starting & the show must go on:) This experience kinda reminded me of the time my “classy grandmom” ordered a bloody-mary 15 minutes before we saw Wicked on Broadway, and she saw double of all the actors the entire first act.

Stupid Move.




Feeling it, clearly.





Well, let’s just say I remember alot more of the 2nd act then the 1st… which, according to Judge’s story I slept through 2 numbers before intermission. If I wasn’t snoring, I was taking weird selfys like this one below…

Afterwards, I sobered up but still was in a horrible mood because I hadn’t eaten anything besides popcorn… we went and ate a fantastic dinner at Capitol Grille. Go there, yall. It’s worth the $$$

Moral of the story: No matter how stressed/sad you are because you just left your job and no matter how behind you are on packing and no matter how long you want to take to pick out the perfect outfit… don’t spoil an amazing date you planned for months just because you skip breakfast.

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