This post magically appeared one day while I was at work. Turns out dear Hamezlee now has my password to every  one of my accounts,

So as many of you now know, a new chapter in my life has thus begun and I am finally moved into my room in Athens, GA. It’s been a wild journey to be here now where I am. I never guessed it to end up like this, nor do I think anyone else would have. I had so many different plans going for my life with law school, Mercer and this or that, it’s amazing to be here now and know that this is exactly where I am supposed to be. My best friend Jessica Longino wrote a guest blog that you can find here, about Remembering and how important it is to take a step back and remember. I find that with my personality type, I need to remember often (If you read my blog often you probably know that because I talk about it a lot). But it’s good for me to process what is going on in my life now and what happened before to get me here. I could yap on about all the small and amazing details that have occurred in my life for the past 5 years but I’ll keep it simple and stick to this past year.

All of this started because last night Judge and I were able to talk on the phone with one of our most dearest, greatest friend’s James Lee. You can find his blog on my great list of blogs that I keep up with here. Talking to him made me realize how incredibly much I miss him. After we hung up the phone, Judge and I just solemnly stared into each other’s eyes telepathically knowing that we were both feeling the same exact thing (after two years of dating telepathic communication has really begun to flourish in our relationship). We were both feeling utter aching. Now to say that we merely miss James would be like saying a child misses their parent when their parent goes to work. But this situation is more similar to that of the fairly new but becomming older hit movie Taken which you can find the ratings and synopsis here. Our feeling of utter aching was similar to that of when Liam Nielson’s daughter is kidnapped and taken in the movie. Anyways, after the phone call Judge and I began feeling a incompleteness in our lives (as I’m sure most of Athens has been feeling since his departure). But after a good night’s sleep and much consoling from family and friends, and ofcourse a nutritious yet hearty breakfast, I began to remember what I have in life now.

So now is the part where you indulge me in hearing how incredible my life actually is now. There are so many things I am so thankful for. I have never been closer to my beautiful and wonderful best friend Jessica Longino. I would die for her without hesitation and I have never met such an incredible human being. I’m so blessed by her. I also have the most incredible, stunning, and strong (physically, spiritually, and mentally) boyfriend who loves me through and through despite all of my flaws and mishaps. He is the man of my dreams and he is my best friend. Also I have built and maintained so many incredible relationships with my AWESOME Ocean Grove friends, my church family here in Athens at Awakening, and ofcourse my amazing, soon to be ex-, co-workers at Alson and Byrd. I’ll never forget my 16th floor girls! And all of my other incredible friends that I’ve been blessed with. My memory isn’t the best right now.

But I am so thankful to be in Athens, and for the moment in the same city with my incredible boyfriend! As you know we’ve been long distance for the majority of our relationship and I’m just enjoying the time we have now together finally in the same city. You can read about our long-distance relationship here.

I have an incredible job, I’m getting a fascinating and very well-equipping education at a excellent University (go dawgs!) and I’m living the dream. I have high hopes of possibly going to Afghanistan this summer and to possibly study abroad in England next year. I am madly in love with Jesus who is my rock and my salvation. I am so privileged and blessed to be exactly where I am.

If you want to read a more thorough recap of my past year click here.

Here’s to life. May it always be exciting and hopeful for the days to come. Because for right now. There’s no where else I’d rather be.. (well.. maybe Florida with our beloved James. But nowhere else besides that!)

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