After observing at Clark Central High school yesterday, while eating at the new La-Parilla our beautiful waitress, Elena, told us she came from Greece to go to college at UGA but had failed her TESOL exam and was stuck here waiting tables… at a Mexican restaurant no less where everyone thinks she’s Hispanic. I do know what it’s like being stuck being a waitress, I do not know what it’s like to be mistaken for another race. Except in Jordan when everyone thought I was German, but yeah… different story.

Finally, it dawned on me what I was studying & I said “I’m an English teacher. I am a masters-student focusing on ESL, and I would love to tutor you at my home!” She was SO elated, “O thank you miss. Should I buy books? I already have two. Can you explain when you use the word’s haven’t and shouldn’t…”  I seriously have never met someone so excited to learn. The lesson began.right.away

After we swapped #’s I looked at Judge & said, “Yep, God has me in the right place.” Happy to be back in Athens.

Glad I was humbled enough these last two years to accept studying what I LOVE

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