I am From Poem

I’m from dancing off “chicken fat” in front of an old record player,
from the “yoohoo” and breathe out after a cold Mountain Dew
from pecans called moon-rocks, and making cakes when it’s rainin’

I am from a proud Citadel pistol who pulls on his wife’s ear.
This classy grandmom who curses classy when she drives…
I am from murals of ebony basket-weavers, Indian goddesses and Charleston shores and the best damn tangy ribs in South Carolina

I am from a tunnel of mystics who laid hands on me and whispered
words of prophecy, wisdom- beyond- years & Persian dreams
I am from a tender prayer confessed on the Delaware
The same river where I skipped rocks, built bridges to Jersey and was baptized underneath
I am from stitched wisdom, a rose velvet couch and beige walls always ready to sell

I am from the loud laughing lingerers who stay long after meals
From Clinique powder, from face to face apologies, I-feel-as-ifs
from magnolia comforters laced with Katie Couric and Matt Lauer in the mornings
from Fairfield friends who prayed & partied late into the night
I am from the suited dad who eats cereal from a plastic cup on highway-95
From a graceful mother who sacrificed clothes for azaleas and red-bud trees

I am from their flirtation, their sacrifice and their garden most of all.

5 thoughts on “I am From Poem

  1. I like this one. I just like that that there is poetry on this again for one thing. But I love the mysteries and the little things that only where youre from would know about.

  2. Jessica, is that you?? I just commented on my blog & have no memory of this. I’m glad poetry is back in my life too

  3. I love this katie! I have seen this type of writing exercise before- but I knew yours would be especially good because you kind of already write in this style- where you always throw out little mysteries/inside jokes/(need better word) and only someone who was an expert on all things Katie would be familiar with every reference. So needless to say, this poem is fantastic and I think it very well captures who KATIE is 🙂

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