The Perfect Gift

When I give gifts I give them way earlier than planned because I can’t contain myself. This is  truly why I  don’t go Christmas shopping weeks in advance, because I will  pop and ruin the Christmas Magic by spoiling the surprise. I was tempted to publish this post before December 25th, and then all these gifts would have lost their luster… but I contained myself:)

My four wonderful coworkers- turned- friends planned a Secret-Santa lunch on December 21st. We drew names two or three weeks in advance because Anne Rogers & Amelia Todd are planners. So planned we did, and the building excitement was almost too much for me to contain.


Picture by A. Todd

We went to my favorite resteraunt in Midtown, Steamhouse Lounge, for the unwrapping. Every single person received a gift that was perfect for their personality. Merideth received monogrammed coozies from Anne, Anne received blacktights and a black dress from Urban from Amelia and…

Amelia received a white-tea set from Anthropology from Merideth.  Amelia is mildly obsessed with Antropolgy and only drinks tea out of white mugs. All these small details Merideth saw and acted upon,

Forevermore, my goal in buying a gift for anyone is that they would have a similar face that Amelia did when she opened her present


Warning: One tea-cup did break in the opening of this present, because she was so overwhelmed she lost motor-control. Ladies & gentlemen, this is the face of one who has been bought “the perfect gift’


Picture by A.Todd

Lauren and I both drew each other’s name which worked out perfectly.  She bought me a beautiful pair of Afghan-looking earings and an amazing black-lace dress. I wore it to our work’s Christmas party that night


Alston & Bird, 16th Floor Christmas Party

And Jessica looked amazing in the classic dress spiced up with lacy sleeves on NYE


The bag I gave literally screamed “buy this for Lauren.” I had already bought her another gift and had already driven all the way home to my Aunts after trying to be responsible and turn down the purchase. I manically drove back to the store 5 minutes before they closed, returned my lame cork-board as the saleslady laughed at me & purchased this baby right before Marshall’s shut their doors,


The gifted purse makes its debut in Washington State.

Because I am a working lady and could afford real gifts for Christmas this year, I was very excited to tailor each one for my family members. But just like I ruin surprises by my excitement, I also ruined my budget.   Se la vi

309398_4411644012742_793922104_nI am probably one of the only people who knows that Judge would love a jar of honeycomb. More than anything else. My little foodie,


Judge recently started carving wood with a pocket knife when he was up in the mountains for a Bachelor weekend. He has not stopped talking about how much he enjoyed his “woodsy” adventures, so I decided to buy him a gift to compliment his new hobby. The soddering iron was about 35$ and so was the wood-carving set. I bought them both at Ace Hardware, where I felt like a fish out of water the entire time but they had very helpful employees. Grandom let me give him my my grandpops old toolbox to arrange everything woodland-like and this made the gift that much more memorable574961_4411643652733_364751146_n

It’s all about the presentation, people. If you have the means, don’t use a gift-bag.736017_4411630692409_2088931884_oI did learn this year that you can give too good of a gift, as I didn’t see my boyfriend for about 3 days while he played with his woodsman box & read his damn Bonhoeffer book for hours on end. Next Christmas, I am just buying him clothes so my gift doesn’t steal precious holiday time from me:) No more books for my brilliant introverted man.

This year I Pintrested out, got crafty and decided to be sentimental with my parents gifts. Besides giving my mamma a massage with her sisters, I also turned THESE maps into art. These are all the different citites my parents have lived, individually & collectively.


I kinda wanted to keep this for myself after the project was all said and done. This gift only cost 35$ for the frames which I also bought at Marshalls



And then in all the excitement of the holiday gift-giving, you completely forget… YOU GET GIFTS TOO!


Judge bought me an future experience. In late January we are going to Hilltop Grille & then we are going back to the Fabolous Fox to see The Producers.

Where I can wear some of the new clothes my mamma bought me…


Opal Necklace from Kohls 100$, Lace Black Skirt 10$, Black lace up platforms Rack Room Shoes 35$

‘Santa was sweet to me in 2012…


Les Miseables Soundtrack. Season 5 of Madmen. Fancy Perfume

The greatest gift of the holidays was the chance to rest for over a week long with my family.  No schedule, no 9 to 5, no waking up early or morning rush hour. It was healing being with the people I love. I haven’t had a real peaceful vacation since I left Ocean Grove over a year & a half ago, because all my other off days have been spent travelling to weddings out of state or to Athens.


It took some “settling in” to the idea that I didn’t have to go anywhere, do anything or leave behind the guy I love after a night. Though I did bounce between 3 different states, I refused to do any of the driving and enjoyed cruising passenger side.

What was your greatest gift you gave or received in 2012?


Here’s wishing you a wonderful New Year full of hope, excitement, peace, deep friendships & heaps of love

One thought on “The Perfect Gift

  1. my greatest gift in 2012 was making my sweetest most bestest friends that I can’t wait to keep for the rest of my life! yes, that includes you!

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