A Saturday in Madison

On Saturday I spent the day in the quaint picturesque town of Madison, Georgia. This anti-bellum town was spared during the Civil War by General Sherman, because the district had a pro-union senator Joshua Hill, except Aunt Jan always told me Madison wasn’t burned by   “the Butcher” General-Sherman because he had a southern mistress living in the town (read about those speculations here). For Christmas my best friend’s mom bought us an hour massages at The Spa at the James Madison Inn. What a wonderful Christmas gift idea. For about 65$ you can buy your loved-one a “trip to nirvana” as I liked to call it. The greatest part of the day is having the privilege of meeting the lady who raised & prayed for Jessica, Maddie Mae Boswell. Later, Jessica & I went antiquing and then Judge met us and we all ate at Chop House while the town was in a buzz for the Christmas parade. I enjoyed the greatest pineapple & rare tuna salad, and we loved the spinach dip!! I’m forever hooked on this town, maybe I’ll live there one day:) I will write a quick list of things I learned while getting a massage very soon…




Our room


2 thoughts on “A Saturday in Madison

  1. cant wait for the list of things you learned while getting the massage. lol. thatll be awesome.

    also…this makes me want to visit madison again. you repped it well!

  2. I helped photograph a wedding at the James Madison Inn in June! I pass through Madison many times driving from home to Athens. Also, my parents and I have eaten at ChopHouse before! Super cute town. I’ll be passing through it tomorrow!

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