Curvy Gal

So, of the TV shows that I watch

Mad Men, Smash, The Walking Dead & Downton Abbey. 

Mad Men is definitely my fav.

Read my quick-synopsis of  the show from an earlier post by clicking here.

I already know I am getting Season 5 for Christmas from my mom (well, I did  slip it into her shopping cart on Black Friday), and I can’t wait to crash and watch the whole season Christmas Night and the day after Christmas with my brother & dad. I hooked them all on the show so I don’t have to spend my holiday alone. But  I will take a 2 hour break from 1960’s Manhattan to see Les Miserable Christmas Night, obviously.

One of the my favorite characters in the drama is Joanie, the powerful, sexy & sophisticated head of secretaries (“office manager”) at Sterling Cooper, the advertising firm where Mad Men is set. My favorite radio show, The Bert Show, posted something on Facebook recently saying that  Christina Hendricks (Joanie) is a size 14, 154 pounds, DD cup and 5 foot 10 inches.

This immediately caught my attention because the basically describes my body, almost exactly (though I haven’t weighed myself since June of 2010). As a result of sitting down for at least ten hours a day this year  thanks to a commute and cubicle job (2 +8 = 10) and thanks to the fact that I arrive back home after the sun sets in a not-so -safe- neighborhood, I would guess I’ve gained about 15 pounds. No worries, I will shed this extra weight in March when I start night-running again, but actually planning to work out daily instead of just leaning on my usually quick-paced never-stop lifestyle has been a challenge.

So all of that to say, watching Joanie on Netflix at my desk is a much-needed-daily boast of confidence and I wanted to pay homage to my business casual style icon for the year,
CHRISTINA HENDRICKS at Promo Shoot for Mad Men Season 5



Back in the summer, I also wrote a post about how much I love Miranda Kerr. Click here to read about her quirky personality. Both of these celebrities couldn’t look more different (size 0 v. size 14), but generally what is unique about them is their confidence in who they are and their comfortability with their  figure. You can always look at someone and know when they love who they are, both inside & out.

 Read about my journey with this process here & here

 Recently, at lunch my coworkers and I discussed our favorite woman actresses and I realized that all of our choices totally reflected who we want to be. Anne’s favorite’s were all funny and witty women in their mid 30s , Lauren’s top picks were all goofy comedians (Kristen Wigg & Tina Fey) and Amelia’s, were of course,  sophisticated refined British women (Kiera Knightly etc). It took me awhile to figure out “my type” but I suppose they are the woman who are confident in their sexuality, who have electric personalities and usually tend to be ethnic. Yes, I do wish I could be Catherine Zeta Jones and when I watch Walking Dead I totally want to be Danai Gurira,


But until their is a zombie-apocalypse and/or I become a fabulous black woman with dreads (my ultimate dream), I’ll have to be content with associating myself with Joanie when I put on the office-garb every morning. Though I did tell Judge last night I will wear a brown leather vest in the end-times.

Christina Hendricks (Joanie) wrote this Letter to Men in Esquire when she was voted #1 Sexiest Lady Alive this year. I agree on almost every point,



4 thoughts on “Curvy Gal

  1. I love this. Its so much of what I have learned by being your friend. Its so much of what your life communicates to everyone around you. Each persons inner awesomeness.

    Im gonna wear a brown leather jacket…….like Katniss Everdeen.

  2. Love this!! And I love the letter at the end 😀
    Also, Jessica, maybe the person you like most/want to be most is Katniss?? I could see that 😉

  3. You agree with EVERY point, katie?? Even, the last one?? 🙂

    Love this post 🙂 You and your body are beautiful – store that in your steel box!

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