For the 2 year celebration,

Two years ago, this goofy beardless guy with poofy hair took me a on date to Cooper Creek.I was so nervous he was going to awkwardly lay down his jacket into puddles and be a cartoon character like he usually was the last year and half I knew him.  But, he asked me all the right questions, made me laugh & feel comfortable the whole time. On the way to the resteraunt he immediately linked arms with me, and I realized how tall he was as my elbow had to be pointed up to reach.  The previous year, I saw Judge as a big  kid always trying to make people laugh. That night, I saw the tender-hearted protective man whom I grew to love. I saw the softer shy part of his heart & was hooked forever. That night we watched It’s a A Wonderful Life and he played with the hairtie on my wrist like he’d been holding me forever. And after a very long pause  he got the nerve to kiss me goonight. He was so flustered after the kiss, he had to return twice to get his wallet & his keys.

 For two years he has prayed with me, let me abuse him in countlesss ways & put up with my general impatience & insanity. He’s built my three closets (after the weight of my clothes broke the 1st), filled my gas tank when I’ve run out twice, moved my furniture 100s of times, delivered 14 puppies and let me chase down my dreams in the big city and on the Jersey shore.

Our relationship has crossed oceans, times zones, cultures and worst of all, backed-up traffic on 85. But two years later, he still forgets his keys & wallet  after he kisses me everynight.

I miss  him tonight in Atlanta, but believe that good things really do come to those who wait!

Happy Anni, Judge. Heres to 2! Loving you really is so much fun


8 thoughts on “For the 2 year celebration,

  1. Ah love this so much! It was short and sweet and hit so many great pockets of memories. And i love how you made it come full circle with the bit about still forgetting the keys 🙂 I love how you described judge here- he is SUCH a great guy and you are so lucky to have him! God really does bring the best to those who wait. Now maybe you can inspire judge to get a blog of his own so we can read about you from his perspective! Or actually, here’s what I’ll do: Judge, you are here by officially requested to write a guest blog reflecting on two years of Katie. No pressure, but I cant wait to read it!! 🙂

  2. I’ve noticed that when Judge takes pictures with Katie, his countenance glows alot more than at any other time. Katie makes Judge a happy boy.

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