“Thanksgiving is the doorway to deliverance and the hallway to heaven. Thankfulness is the inoculation for bitterness and the armor for anxiety. It’s the antidote for arrogance exchanging purity for pride. 
Thankfulness is the platform for promotion and the catalyst for community. It’s the gate to favor increasing the fruit of your labor. Thankfulness is the secret to succeed and magic of maturity.” Kris Vallotan

I really enjoyed my little Thanksgiving Posts this November.  My mother  use to make me “count my many blessings one by one” and they continue to multiply now as I am older. Enter into His courts with Thanksgiving in your heart. Click on the flowers below and enjoy

I am thankful for late nights when I pass the “lines of truth” and open up much more to generally everyone around me.

I am thankful for Irish Pubs  & Cider of all types and for guys who can  hang with ladies.

I am thankful for the Christmas lights and general ambiance at Atlantic Station right now.

I am thankful for office gossip, chit-chat and the small happenings we put together to make work feel like home.

I am thankful for my job and for the law firm I work for and all the wonderful people therein.

I am thankful for waking up early and for car-drives with my sweet dog.

I am thankful for provision, for cheap rent and for how wonderfully thrifty & cheap Athens, Georgia tends to be.

I am thankful for my car and that it still runs smoothly four years later. I am thankful it hasn’t broken down in a year where all I did was drive from Athens to Atlanta.

I am thankful for Holiday Parties and for black lace dresses.

I am thankful for Barbara, who delivers my mail with a smile and a whole lot of personality.

I am thankful for new lipsticks, for golden eye shadows and for my ever-favorite of dark brown eyeliner.

I am thankful for surprises, for holiday magic laced with frosty air and for the world’s embrace of the gospel in music during this time of year.

I am thankful I am one Caramel Brulee away from a free drink, and that I can order my drink from one of my best-friends in Athens this weekend:)

I am thankful for the peace of my grandparent’s farm and the chance to decorate it this weekend with my Aunt, my mom and my best friend.

I am thankful for Cooper Creek, Anniversaries and a man who calls a week in advance to still ask me on a date:)

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