I have been given a precious gift to provide feedback on the life-time work of a friend of mine, which is funny because I’ve really only built a genuine friendship with him in the last 5 months or so. I just read the most  human, raw & honest chapter that I may have ever read, like “ever ever”. This book will seriously sell millions, change lives & keep others from damaging relationships. At the very least, it will make people of all faiths laugh their ass off.

Many people want to write a book & say that they will ( uh… like me), but it takes someone driven to get the work done and write draft after draft, day after day. Cannot wait for this to hit shelves, though it may be years…who knows.

Thank you, Adam Evancho. I am glad our paths randomly crossed in Atlanta & I am neutral enough in you life to read these stories from a distance. Our Steamhouse dinners with Lauren have been one of my greatest blessings in 2012. I’m sorry I know hardly anything at all about grammer and really shouldn’t be given this opportunity. No hard feelings if you reconsider:)

Tell me what you honestly think!

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