I am thankful for Kristen & Aunt Jan and the fun of going into an Attic that hasn’t been touched since 1992 and bringing out vintage Christmas decorations.

I am thankful for movement.

I am thankful for antique rings and family heirloom necklaces.

I am thankful for all three of my siblings, and that it’s only one more month until I see them all again.

I am thankful for mulling spices and hot apple ciders.

I am thankful for angels, both the ones which fit so nicely into Christmas decor and those unseen.

I am thankful for conviction and for the ease of repentance.

I am thankful for my family grapevine and how quickly news travels if I tell just one person.

I am thankful for waking up cold in the morning and having to use an extra quilt at night to stay warm.

I am thankful for Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith Christmas music.

I am thankful for consistency, for warm cable-knit sweater & for fresh salads.

I am thankful for longing, for the big-build up of not seeing someone in a very long while, for hellos and big hugs.

I am thankful for cold weather, for morning-frosts and for catch-up lunches with wonderful, funny coworkers after a long-break apart.

I am thankful for sweet emails from strangers and from Blog comments from faithful reader I’ve never even met.

I’m thankful for random encouraging Facebook messages from Dorrie, for my community in Athens and for leadership of Awakening Church.

I am thankful for riding boots & for the anticipation of December 25th’s gifts under the tree. I am thankful for holiday surprises, for the hope of a future and a life unending with brother & sisters who will never stop dancing.

I am thankful for praise, for heavenly hosts who surround the throne of God and sing his praises all night and all day while I sleep.

I am thankful for the Prince of Peace, that the increase of His Kingdom will never end, and that I get to partner with him.

I am thankful for friend’s who call and let me know when I am missed at El Azteca dinners or post-Thanksgiving get togethers.

I am thankful that almost everyone who has come into my life, has stayed apart of my journey.

I am thankful for Facebook love and creative blogs bursting with new ideas and inspiration.

I am thankful for most everything right now, and it’s the perfect time of the year to be in  such a state:)

Tell me what you honestly think!

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