I am thankful for traditions.

I am thankful that my mom and Jessie are practical and that I am creative. I’m very thankful for practical people in my life. For this reason they set up the tree, fluff the branches and put the lights on. Then I can just step in and decorate with the beautiful ornaments.

I am thankful that Kristen and I always know what to buy eachother for Christmas because we have the exact same style.

I am thankful for this little corner, for this little amateur blog.

I am thankful for antiques and hand-me-downs.

I am thankful for the memories of certain rooms with certain Christmas decorations at Wheatsheaf.

I am thankful for dad’s cooky second wind when he wakes up for a nap.

I’m thankful for my brilliant little brother with his slight attitude problem and overall huge heart. I am thankful that he’s a gentelmen.

I am thankful for tangerines and lemons in sweet tea that is just right.

I am thankful for icecream cake and Black Friday shopping fun.

I am thankful that my family is all about people. I am thankful that I trust in the character of everyone of my family members.

I am thankful that my grandmom still embodies southern class, and she doesn’t even try.

I am thankful that Jessica Longino embodies southern class and doesn’t even try.  I am thankful for the all the people who are classy and beautiful and who don’t spend endless amount of money to achieve this.

I am thankful that eloquence and beauty is beyond beauty blog and door-buster specials. I am thankful that those things are fun but unnecessary.

I am thankful for quality writing, and movies without perfect wrapped-up ending like Life of Pi.

I am thankful for the iternet.

I LOVE my iphone:) I suppose I am thankful for it, for the way it’s connected me with all my friends both near and far as I’ve worked in Atlanta with Lauren:)

I am thankful for transitions and seasons that are both undefinable and constructive. I am thankful that there are inbetween spaces and that though many people can’t understand them, they are necessary for growth.

I am thankful for my stories, for all the people I’ve met and all their wonderful warm personalities.

I am thankful for all religions, all beliefs and for all cultures.

I am thankful that I am moving on. I am thankful that i can now plan a room, a bathroom and a closet that I can be in with my dog and walk to see Judge & Jessica.

I will be so thankful for a season that I am not sitting for ten hours a day, and driving for two hours. I’ll be so thankful for the chance to not spend so much money on gas.

I digress from thankfulness to pseduo-complaining. Scratch that.

I am thankful for Thanksgiving and that it officially sparks the Holiday season. I am so thankful its only a month until Christmas, and that as an adult a month is not very far away at all.

I’m thankful for a man who thinks about me when I am away, and goes shopping for me at Target on Thanksgiving night.

I am thankful for follow up telephone calls when the first one didn’t go so right.

I am thankful for warm blankets and woodland ornaments.

I am thankful that I registered for classes today that will teach me how to teach others how to read and write. I am beyond thankful to take a masters level creative writing seminar again.

I am thankful for the idea and plan of new poetry and new short-stories. I am thankful for critique, edits and growth.

I’m excited for a life that will be more simple and unified. A life with meaning and work and simple structure and better thrift stores.

I’m thankful for today and tomorrow. I’m at peace sitting next to my little sister and dad watching It’s a Wonderful Life – the best life could possible be:)

Tell me what you honestly think!

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