This morning, I am thankful for the chance  to dress up and wear a dress, tights & heels everyday cute flats everyday #tallgirl. Thank goodness I don’t have to wear jeans and t-shirt to work anymore. I am thankful for the chance to look like a lady! I am beyond happy about this fall season which finally deems my cardigan/scarf/boots wearing obsession appropriate.

After watching the documentary today, America the Beautiful , I realize how unbelievably blessed I am to love the way I look. I know that it’s a gift I have only from God. Everyday he sings over me, “darling, there is no flaw in you, you are altogether lovely (SOS 4:7)”  Beauty lies in rediscovering how lovely you are as His little girl, first and foremost.

If you don’t feel beautiful today, pray about it. God will give you eyes to see how He made you, and how He sees you. Inner confidence is the foundation to being beautiful. Every once in awhile, you need to reassess and shift your life. This process starts with being real about your  current situation and then going to the Father for him to declare truth over you.

I love to wake up in the morning and put together a cute outfit.Sometimes, I don’t wear make up all day and then I put some on   before I  go to bed.  It’s the simple things that really matter. It’s moving because it feels good and makes your heart pump, and not because it burns a certain amount of calories.

I am SO thankful for his protection over my self-image and the way I’ve cherished what He has given me through out my life.

{Y’all can thank Judge for all these selfy’s and his sweet desire to tell me I look beautiful everyday despite a long-distance relationship}

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