I am thankful for Jessica’s 5 points apartment. I am thankful for thrifting and that most of the furniture our guests sit on was bought for a super cheap price.

I am thankful for Jose & Rodrigo in El Azteca.

Im thankful for Anne Harpers soft heart and for the softened parts of mine.

I am so thankful for my past as a Baker living at Wheatsheaf.

Im thankful for limits.

I am thankful for perfumes.

I am thankful for carpools and the generosity of my friends.

I am thankful for the universal desire for friendship.

I am thankful that we can see past lies and hard exteriors.

I am thankful for hope even in supposed hopelessness.

I am thankful for real conversations.

I am thankful for cleansing moments and late night posts.

I’m thankful that poison doesn’t last in my blood stream for long.

I am thankful for the sweetness of my friends to pick up my breakfast tab.

I’m thankful for the late nights in hoodies and leggings.

I’m thankful for open doors and for the maturity to finally see the necessity of choice.

I’m thankful for the freshness of brushing your teeth in the morning, and the sheer relaxation of someone playing with your hair.

I am thankful for femininity; for manicures, new haircuts and underwear.

I’m thankful for men in my life, as how so many make me laugh & protect my heart.

I’m thankful for new seasons and the remembrance of spring.

I’m thankful for my family.

Tell me what you honestly think!

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