North Georgia is in the full-swing of Fall, just in time for me to enjoy a joyful and restful three day weekend. On Thursday Night, a group of us headed up to Clemson to see the United Pursuit Band. Really refreshing time. Good thing I never toured Clemson, or I probably would have gone to school there because the campus is so quaint, cozied in to the foothills of South Carolina. I LOVED the atmosphere of the college and the concert.

That night, Judge and I headed to the most restful place for me, dear old Elberton, Georgia where my grandparents own a “farm” in the woods. We woke up on Friday morning and took my car to what my grandfather calls,  “The Shade Tree Mechanic” which I guess is a county word for a self-taught man who fixes cars in his yard. Mr. Mike only charged me 32$ to fix my wind-shield whippers and tail-light (which an officer politely reminded me was out last week). While we waited for my car to be fixed, we watched as a very old friend of my grandfather made Sorghum Syrup. Mema showed us how her father use to make the syrup with a mule.  After wed tasted the sorghum, we ate a wonderful breakfast at the only place my grandfather will eat breakfast, Bojangles. That afternoon we headed back to Athens where I enjoyed a wonderful lunch with Ms. Leigh at Bretts and later that night, drove up to Lake Rabun with dear friends:)

This was my third time up to Lake Rabun. Every time is so wonderful largely because of the Longino clan. Mr. and Mrs. Longino met  at this lake when they were teenagers  and fell in love there. I love being a part of their family history and love that part of Georgia. On Friday night, before the whole group arrive we went to “Louie’s on the Lake.” Every table was candle-lit and the stereo was playing 1950s Big Band music. I felt like I entered into It’s a Wonderufl Life when Louie or “Nick” let us go behind the bar and pour our own beers.  Mr and Mrs. Longino gave us some political talks as we shared two large pizza’s by the wood-burning stove. This might be my favorite atmosphere ever, and it made sense later when I read on a websites it has a “northeastern feel.” Reminded me of home:) Can’t wait to take Judge and my dad some day.

Hiking Mini Haha with the groupFaithful James is so good at packing the proper wear for #lakethingsJet and Judge howl/sing in the boat to the Head & the HeartSaturday was perfect. It felt like Christmas day, life just kept on getting “better and better.” Saturday morning, we woke up and finished Lord of the Rings II with the Battle of Helms deep after we ate breakfast. Later when the whole group had finally arrived, we made Chili and then cruised on the boat to the waterfall, Minihaha, to hike or “stroll.” It was beautiful.  When we returned home, we ate our Chili and it tasted so good because we earned it. Hunger really is the best seasoning. Then, we watched UGA barely beat Kentucky, and enjoyed meteor showers, fire, cider, chocolate chip cookies, another meal and The Return of the King late into the night. #perfection


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