Throw-back Thurs.

January 23, 2009 from my Xanga

When the night is over. He is gone, the river’s just a river. Without him, the world around me changes, the tree are there and everywhere the streets are full of strangers […] With out me, this world will go on turning, a world that is full of happiness that I have never known.” Les Miserables

When I look back at those 40 hours or so with Liz Dun, it seems like a dream.

First, we went to Westminster Abbey and saw even- song with Trish. We ofcourse, bought our favorite sandwiches & ate them during vespers. A really distinct English experience and 100% free.

Then, we saw Chicago. We bought fake tickets from some stand by accident. Luckily, the usher felt so bad for us he gave us seats anyway down by the stage around a bunch of drunk rich people. That was amazing show and perfect for the mood of the night.

Energy. Electric. Lipschitz.

After, we met up with the Banburians in Piccadilly Circus for Joel’s birthday and danced the night away with Jessica, Drew, Joel and Daniel.


Around 3 am, we left the bar “On Anon” s and went to my FAVORITE Chinese resteraunt. When all the clubs close down, this amazing place harbors the intoxicated youth of London. Our waitors name was Snake. He was wonderful and brought Joel’s an orange adorned with birthday candles.

4th cup of coffee, Did my parents actually pay for all this? I was so spoiled

Everyone went back on the bus around 4:30 AM, but me and Liz headed to Victoria station. Watching the night people blend into the morning crowd, you feel as if you fooled the moon & cheated the night. There always has been something surreal about not sleeping when you should sleep. It gives you an aerial prospective of so many normal occurrences. We watched the difference in people’s attitude, mannerism and dress depending on if they were night stragglers or early-bird overachievers. Slowly, the world was awakened and Liz and I decided to get on a train to go watch the sunrise at the Globe Theater. We somehow went the wrong direction on the Bakerloo line, and ended up in a blue collar section of London. At one point, it was just Liz, an australian guy, a man who was sleeping who missed his stop on the train and me on the subway. We talked to the Australian guy and he offered to have us sleep in his apartment. The guy was so genuine and cordial. At the moment, I was very dillusional and entertained that idea for a brief second. Must have been the accent.

The sleeping man who we accidently woke up later due to us singing the Dixie Chicks

We finally realized we went entirely the wrong way on the line, and also realized it didn’t go in a complete circle. So, we were forced off the train and finally got things situated. I never did get to see the Globe while in the UK.

After we returned to the city, we ate breakfast in this little place in a park right in front of the British Museum. We walked around the Museum and I set off all the alarms because I pulled this lever in the handicap restroom thinking it was the way to flush the toilet. Stupid Americans. Later, we almost fell asleep on this bench outside the Islamic exhibit. So, we broke down and called a hostel because at that point we still planned on seeing Les Miserables late that night, but it turned out we were too broke to nap afterall. Instead, we decided to save the 30 pounds by seeing the Matinee of the show! So we bought the tickets and killed two hours in Costa Coffee.

Our seats were amazing. We were hovering over the actors, and could see their every expression. We sat next to two wonderful ladies who lived in Oxford. All four of us cried through the entire second act. When people picture the quintessential theatrical experience, it looks alot like that moment. Tired, no make-up, beat up but full of life and absolutely in sync with magic of the stage.” ~

{Post-script}I can’t believe Liz and I mustered up enough bravery and adventerous spirit to stay out all night in a European metropolis . After I lived in the Middle-East that summer, I don’t think I would do this again. Later when my sisters & Mia came to town I took them back to that Chinese place and after we got desserts of Kit-Kats at a convenient store nearby. It was then I realized how dangerous London can be at night when two foreign men cornered us & gave Kristen and I a hard time. Later that week our hotel was robbed and I lost my computer and most of my prayers & stories from that semester. Still, I am glad I got to be young, single and naive for a time. Its so important to do stupid stuff in your 20s so you can remember them in shock four years later and beyond.

Judge & Al would be so pissed at us for this now:) Don’t worry boo, I didn’t sleep in the Austalian man’s flat. It could have been worse.

The “young-single-naive” faces of sheer joy

One thought on “Throw-back Thurs.

  1. Small world! One of my pledge sisters studied abroad with you! Ok, that’s one thing I don’t like: I have been to the UK twice and I just don’t dig British culture. I personally find it very bland. However, Ireland is a very different story, as well as Scotland, but I haven’t seen them. I do, however, have more British blood than I care to admit. I did stupid things on my study abroad trip too. Very stupid things. Way crazier than what I read on this! Stuff that I could easily regret!

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