Miranda Kerr

I stumbled onto a blog last week about Miranda Kerr. I had no idea, because I am four-years- out- of- the- loop of celebrity gossip, that Miranda and Orlando Bloom are married and have a cute baby boy named Flynn. Right away I had a major girl-crush on this super-model. First off, Orlando Bloom is the one and only celebrity (besides any of the Newsies) that I ever had a crush on.  I had a huge poster of Legolas on my closet door and loved all of the Lord of the Rings movies because of that elf. As I was admiring Miranda’s beauty, authenticity and realness in this video, I was not surprised that I also have a crush on Legolas Australian super-model wife. Go figure.

Strangely enough, her blog  and confidence inspired me all last week to be healthier. Judge remarked that its taking me at least twenty seconds longer to order a diet coke because of her opposition to all things aspartame and that’s a miracle. Anyway, here’s to other confident, strong and beautiful ladies.

Many of the pictures below were done with out any make-up or editing. Click and  enjoy the slide-show of natural beauty!


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