So, I’m not really a risk-taker. My sisters, Jessie and Kristen, are the jump out of airplines, bungee-jumping, jet-skiing kinda girls. I like to be in control.  Yes, I am a back-seat driver and obnoxiously control even when my hands aren’t on the wheel. Actually at every turn I instinctively hold up my fingers like a blinker to say which way to turn. It’s bad

Sure I love to hike and camp and travel and explore new cultures, but as far as winning Fear-Factor I could eat the bugs and cow testicles, but the minute I have to jump from train to train or something like that,  I’m out.

Judge is a thrill-seeker. He love to do, where as I like to just be.

Sure I could throw the frisbee around on the beach, but I would much rather be drinking a margerita on the chair talking about people or with people, or writing about people or thinking about people.

I’m a people person, and Judge is an activity person.

I’m a drive-thru Chickfila salad, and he’s a four course seafood meal prepared over a slow boil.

We are opposites in many ways, and so we don’t always line up in our idea of a “perfect afternoon.” Last night, I was content to sit on the roof and watch the lightning, but Judge wanted to go out and do something and I was completely at ease just to rest. It always works out in the end, because we do a little of this and a little of that (okay maybe alittle more of my-this then his-that)

When I want to love on Judge, I’ll buy him a ball or something similar to show that I am ready to play.  On Sunday, I bought a 2 dollar orange ball at Walmart and snuck it into his trunk. We drove to a baseball field and just threw it around a bit, before we sat and talked #girldfriendpoints

Jessica Longino took this picture at Lake Rabun on the 4th of July. I was sitting on the porch, talking with all my friends and Judge had left to explore the lake on the  Jet-ski. Quite honestly, my comfort zone is to stay on that porch and keep talking.

But the thing is, I love that man on the jet ski and it’s worth jumping into his world, because he loves to play.

I went out on the dock and put a lifejacket on and waited for him to see me.  I was petrified as the jet ski turned over, and he went entirely faster than I would ever go but it’s fun (kinda), holding on and closing your eyes and hanging with your boy. He was gentle, and didn’t take too many sharp turns and he was kind enough to slow down over the waves.

I have learned in these two years with Judge Johnson, that the late night basketball, volleyball and frisbee games are  fun in the end. Even an occasional run through the Botanical Gardens with your personal-trainer boyfriend is worth it, sometimes.

That’s the beauty of loving someone who is very different then you, it’s like you enter into a different world and your potential together as a unit is so much greater,  if you can make it work.

Hey, and you can always enjoy a glass of wine when you return, as he stays in the water and plays with the real-kids.

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