Memorial Day Weekend

I’m not usually a “let me tell you about the events of my life play-by-play” kind of a blogger, but this weekend was so good it just had to be detailed. This was my first restful weekend that I was off from work in about a month, and I got to spend it in the classic-city, my favorite place to be:) It was so needed and came just at the right time.

I was actually nervous when I was pulling up to Athens on {Friday afternoon}. I was still in my biz cash from Atlanta and knew I quickly needed to change into skinny jeans, a ripped t-shirt and moccasins to fully step into my “college-hippie lifestyle” as Mema affectionately like to refer to it as. Judge had planned a great double-date at the Bordeux Lane House, but when I arrived he took me on a walk so I could adjust… he knew I’d be nervous. After our walk,  Judge and Matt Noxsel cooked salmon grilled on wood and rice for Lauren and I. It was amazing. Judge has a spiritual gifting on the grill, no joke.

{Saturday morning} I got a smartphone (so I could have hipster instagrammed photos, obviously), then later we went tubing down the Chattahoochee River with a big group for Lauren Jacoby’s birthday. It was strange floating down the same river that my parent’s had their first real date on. Randall invited Joy on said–date with ten of his other buddies and only brought beer. My mom ended up throwing up the second half of this romantic interlude. Judge and I had a better time although did fight about the pace we like to float. He likes to beat the pack, I am totally okay with “trusting the riv” and going at the pace of nature. Probably the only time in life that I like to move at a slower pace then Judge.   I got to have some wonderful girl-chat with Jessie Pollit as Judge and Phil braved the waves in their strange “0rb” float. That adventure was capped off with two amazing margaritas at Cincos and meeting lots of new Atlanta Midtown people, yes!

{Sunday} I went to the Awakening and later we spent the afternoon napping on our new floats at the U’s pool and later playing pool volleyball. I wouldn’t have usually played a sport with complete strangers, but I forced myself to since Judge is writing me poetry and such, I knew I needed to enter into his world and it was so much fun! He got to see my middle-child-competitive side again:) I ended up breaking the net, so now he understands why I like to bottle that side of me away in a hidden drawer for random U-apartment tenants not to see but actually I had an amazing time. Really,  it’s fun to date someone toltally different than you who leads you into moments you’d never have alone. After we played Volleyball, a group from the Awakening and Maychee went and played some serious street basketball. I watched on the sidelines and learned how to wobble with Irby. It was fun to dance while watching Maychee ball with the boys. Afterwards, we went and got El Azteca, of course.

On the morning of {Memorial Day}, Judge and I had another couples date at Mamma”s Boy with the newly engaged Phil and Jesse. We had some good conversations and laughs especially when I told them the story of me getting my tattoo in Vegas. After that, I sat at Barnes and Nobles while Judge worked and then enjoyed lunch at Brett’s with Meg and Jessica.  I love love that restaurant, even more now that I don’t work there now. Later, we went shopping for some essentials at Old Navy ( Judge’s new 6$ tank and my 15$ capri dress pants).  We bought a watermelon and then went home to get ready for the memorial day party at my house! I love to throw-parties, it’s my favorite especially with my two amazing roommates. It was perfectly fitting that Maychee,  who is in the army, cooked us a feast. So, of course that festivity was also topped off with a Margarita and a pina colada made by the magic- bullet-army-lady. Later, I set up the front porch with  Pier 1 Lanterns and finally lit the chimanea before Judge arrived.  I almost lit the rose-bush on fire, but it was  totally worth it. Everyone else went hot-tubbin so Judge and I could said goodbye for the week.

All weekends should be three days long.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. i really like the worship post…it really encouraged me. ive struggled with not being distracted by others in worship my entire time with jesus. it’s hard for me to keep my eyes closed because i’m a visual person… and it’s hard for me to hear the words well …so i like to observe. i like to see others connecting with God. it brings me up.

    let me know if you ever want to meet up and grab a meal slash visit jessica working at bretts when you are in town! it’s a great way to get to know people beyond the church services 🙂 and beyond the blogs and jessica’s words!

  2. Sloan, I am glad it was encouraging! And I would love to go to Brett’s sometime with you:) I read on your blog that you’ve never been, and that’s crazy:) It’s the best place in town to eat really good food if you’re really hungry and want to be with good people. We’ll go as soon as I get some spare time!

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