How to win my heart

So here are 8 easy-steps to win my heart (a recent tumblr challenge)

1.) Reference my poetry or read my blog and tell me that you read and give me feedback. Comment on my posts with your thoughts. In general, when I feel the most loved is when people take the time to wrestle with my writing and add their own spin. Presto! My heart swarms.

2.) I’m a heavy words of encouragement girl… it’s about my only love-language. Way far behind “words of affirmation” are quality time and touch so I love love to encourage other people. Don’t be freaked out by it if I encourage you all the time.

3.) Decorate or make-beautiful my house or life in someway. I love to craft, fashion, redecorate, rearrange, clean and organize. These are huge- love ex-pressers for me

4.) Take my dogs on a walk or let them run around free somewhere. Those little rascals are near and dear to me.

5.) Defend or protect me. This is been huge for me and God of late and he’s been blowing me away with his jealousy, his defense and ability to stick up fo rme hwen I keep my mouth shut. I also love when people come to my side

6.) Love the music I love, drive in a car with me and appreciate the sweet sounds of gospel music or acoustic goodness even if you’ve never heard the songs before.

7.) Support my vision and plans logistically, get under my spastic plans even when they’re half thought up… I’ve always been drawn to the logistical planner who make my hopes reality (Leslie Rosario. Allison Lebo. Anne Harpers), I love when people use their completely different skill sets for my crazy ideas.

8.) Communicate with me in creative free ways, hand gestures, expressive moments, well crafted and well told stories or in Irby and Judge’s case, strange noises that are more felt than understood.

9.) Make me laugh. Make dry sarcastic comments or very honest realization about the world and people at large. I am instantly drawn to honest direct  blunt people .

10.) Zumba with me. Freakin put on your spandex, orange and lime green and do a hispanic cardio work out with me. Just bought at Groupon for 12 Zumba classes for 34$ what?

Most importantly, be completely yourself so I can be completely myself. Authenticity is so key.

My heart will be yours forever:)

One thought on “How to win my heart

  1. Since you wrote about ways to encourage here, let me take time to say that….

    I enjoy staying up with your blog! It’s real and insightful and down-to-earth. Sometimes I don’t always have something to respond with…

    it’s good to be reminded in so many of your posts that His plans and ways are higher than ours. it’s great to read about all the holy spirit stuff. and i enjoyed the blogs about friendship.

    you seem blessed with a great family.

    grew up in the mid-atlantic? their food is the BEST. little known fact: i don’t like southern food. i like northern and western food more.

    And that you and your boyfriend are a really awesome-looking couple together!!!

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